100 years | Gloabl

Tell us about you

Part-time Intrepidite, full-time student, full-time lover of travel and other cultures. I’ve worked in travel for 14 years now, with 10 years managing an agency. When the opportunity came up to work part time for Intrepid in Canberra it was serendipity, as they’ve been my favourite travel company for years.  

Favourite travel destination and why

Probably Tanzania – the Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater are unforgettable. It’s about the natural world for me - sweeping views, sunsets, unbelievable blue water, mountains.  

How many countries have you visited?

Up to around 40 now, with hopefully lots more to come. But for me it’s not about the score it’s about the quality of the experience, which is why I’ve been to quite a few of these places more than once. It’s great going back with a bit of knowledge and seeing more than just the ‘main’ sights.

Most recent adventure

Three weeks Johannesburg to Capetown following the coast most of the way, then a month in Europe on the train from Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden and ending in Prague.

Best travel tips

Go with the flow. Let your Mum know you’re OK. Less is more – don’t cram too much in or you don’t really experience anything.

Favourite food experience

I don't know where to start! Italy – everything, SE Asia – curries, laksa, hawker food stalls, Turkey – yum.

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Again, don’t try to do too much, stop and smell the roses. Don’t stress, it always works out in the end. If you’re on the road for months, plan a day here and there where you stop and do nothing.