Sail Italy - Procida to Amalfi Itinerary

Sail Italy’s Amalfi Coast from the colourful village of Procida, through ancient worlds in Pompeii, medieval fortresses near Ischia and along the coastline that makes Italy so famous.

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Colourful coastline, Procida

Amalfi coastline



Day 1 Procida/Ischia

Begin this Italian sailing adventure in Procida, a tiny island off the coast of Naples. Set sail for neighbouring Ischia and glide across the deep blue abyss. Disembark and perhaps shake off the sea legs by exploring the famous Castello Aragonese - built in the 1400s, this impressive fortress sits suspended above the sea on a volcanic rock connected to Ischia.
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Day 2 Sorrento/Pompeii

Cast off early bound for the beautiful town of Sorrento. Jump on a train to Pompeii and be mesmerised by a ghost city frozen in time since the fateful day in 79AD that Mt Vesuvius erupted, burying 20,000 people and their homes under a layer of ash. Peek into the lives of ancient Romans - discovering how they lived, worked and interacted 2,000 years ago - and marvel at well-preserved buildings, artwork and pottery.
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Day 3 Naples

Take the train to celebrated Naples and see how this city, wedged between two volcanoes, has been influenced over the course of history by some of the world's greatest civilisations including the Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Spaniards. Wander the World Heritage-listed Old Centre, visit the Archaeological Museum to see original artifacts from Pompeii and pay homage to the city's most famous culinary export, Neapolitan pizza, by munching on a slice or three.
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Day 4 Amalfi

Sail towards the stunning Amalfi Peninsula, a collection of rocky coastlines, tiered lemon groves and whitewashed villages clinging to steep cliffs, where this Amalfi Coast sailing adventure comes to an end.