Sail Italy - Aeolian Islands Itinerary

Cruise along Italy’s Calabrian Coast, sailing azure waters to Sicily, the islands of Lipari and Stromboli, and the beautiful town of Longobardi, experiencing the best Italy’s coastline has to offer.

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Church bells, Stromboli Island

Lipari Island

Day 1 Tropea

Welcome to southern Italy’s ‘Coast of the Gods’. If arriving in Tropea early, perhaps relax under a parasol while sipping espresso in the charming historic centre, laze on pristine beaches or explore the cliffs around the town. Sail into the sunset for a first taste of life at sea before dining in a cosy restaurant on delicious local fare.
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Day 2 Bagnara Calabra

Sail along the stunning Calabrian coast, witnessing dramatic rocky cliffs, swimming in azure waters and exploring secluded inlets on the journey to Bagnara Calabra. In the afternoon, enjoy getting to know this captivating town. Perhaps spend more time on white-sand beaches or explore the town, indulging in its specialty, nougat torrone.
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Day 3 Milazzo

Leave the mainland of Italy and set sail for the island of Sicily. Explore Milazzo’s historic port, fortress and castle that date back to prehistory and perhaps enjoy the spoils of the sea at a local portside restaurant.
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Day 4 Lipari

Set sail for the largest of the Aeolian Islands, Lipari. With a fascinating history dating back to before the Neolithic Age, the island is a wealth of museums and archaeological sites. Lapari is also excellent for hiking and is a charismatic town to wile away the hours and enjoy traditional Sicilian cuisine.
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Day 5 Stromboli

Further explore the beautiful waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea at the small island of Panarea, a perfect place for snorkelling. See the island of Stromboli, with its active volcano, loom dramatically in the distance. Spend the afternoon hiking to the top of Strombini's volcano to see bubbling lava and plumes of smoke.
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Day 6 Longobardi

Leaving the beauty and drama of the Aeolian Islands behind, cruise the sparkling waters back to mainland Italy. Explore nearby villages for spectacular views of the coast before returning to Longobardi for a delicious group dinner.
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Day 7 Tropea

Travel along the gorgeous Calabrian Coast once more before stepping off board back in Tropea, where this Italian sailing adventure ends.