Welcome to the hidden world of Iran. Travel to Tehran and witness the fusion of old and new, visit Esfahan, the Iranian plateau and Persepolis

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Day 1 Tehran

Travel to Tehran, the chaotic capital of Iran. Venture through teeming bazaars and busy streets to the ornate Golestan Palace. The exquisite marbled terraces, artistic treasures and gilded mirrors all attest to the power and influence of the Qajar rulers.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 2-3 Shiraz

Discover the ancient ceremonial capital of Persepolis on a guided tour and perhaps experience the riches of Iranian culture in a traditional teahouse.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 4 Nomad Stay

Enjoy an overnight stay with local nomads in a communal tent.
ACCOM: Nomad Tent - 1

Day 5 Eghlid

Get off the beaten track with a visit to the town of Eghlid, dramatically perched between the desert and the mountains.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 6 Caravanserai Zein-o-din

Step into the exotic shoes of a Silk Road merchant with an overnight stay in a classic caravanserai. Set in the desolate Dasht-e Lut Desert, this place of shelter has changed little since the 16th century.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1

Days 7-8 Yazd

Visit the sacred Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd, an ancient town of wind-catchers.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 9-11 Esfahan

Be led through the fascinating history, tree-lined boulevards and atmospheric bazaars of Esfahan, the jewel of ancient Persia. Don't miss the sunset over the dome of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - the tiles shimmer from cream to all shades of pink.
ACCOM: Hotel - 3

Day 12 Abyaneh

Travel to Abyaneh and inspect the intricate architecture in this ancient red-rock town.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 13 Kashan

See some fine examples of traditional houses and try khoresht - a tasty Iranian stew - on a visit to a local family's house.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 14-15 Tehran

Visit the shrine of Imam Khomeini on the journey back to Tehran. Perhaps head to a lively teahouse and reminisce with the group about this unforgettable Iranian adventure.
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