Intrepid Sightseeing

  • Get real! Skip the superficial and dive deep on this Sydney tour that reveals the bizarre backstories and incredible histories of the city's icons. Behind the froth and bubble of sexy Sydney lies the stories of the winners who made it... and losers who didn't.
    2 hours
  • Get the edge on the Mumbai food scene by joining a local guide on this Mumbai tour for hungry travellers. Your guide will navigate the scene for you, lead you to the hits, avoid the misses, and take the guess work out of street food eating.
    2 - 3 hours
  • Here's a tour for lovers of Bollywood's bright lights, bouncy beats, and colourful costumes. Join this Mumbai tour to cruise past Bollywood stars' homes, see the Walk of the Stars, and watch a Bollywood blockbuster with locals at a multiplex.  
    4 hours
  • Go beyond the cliched curry and try some authentic Indian bites on this Delhi tour. From homemade ice cream to fruit beer and dumplings, Delhi's food scene is thriving and surprising.
    3 hours
  • Eating is one of life's greatest simple pleasures. Getting massaged is also up there. Join this Kerala tour to experience a traditional lunch, followed by a Ayurvedic massage. This is the definition of travel perfection.
    8 hours
  • The hospitality and cooking skills of locals in Kerala is well known. So is the beauty of the backwaters. But don't believe the hype, experience it for yourself on the Kochi tour that shows you to the heart of rural, Southern India.
    6 hours
  • Get to know all things 90210 on this Los Angeles tour through the power and privilege of Beverly Hills’ ‘Golden Triangle’. Go beyond the botox and into lesser-known cultural havens, sample gourmet fare, and chow down at an iconic cupcake bakery. And you thought the Golden Triangle was an opium growing region in Southeast Asia!
    Los Angeles
    3 hours
  • You’ll practically be a Hollywood local after going on this Los Angeles tour that includes the things you’d expect (an incredible view and wicked people-watching), and some things you wouldn’t expect (great locally roasted coffee, community gardens, and Hollywood’s best kept secrets).
    Los Angeles
    2.5 hours to 3 hours
  • Did someone say dumplings? Join this Beijing tour to learn how to master the fine art of dumpling making (as well as the equally fine art of dumpling eating). Other arts perfected on this tour include: snacking at markets, riding public transit, and drinking at hutong rooftop bars. 
    3 to 4 hours
  • Join this food envy-inducing Barcelona tour for three hours of power eating - Spanish-style. Join locals as they indulge in the fine art of eating and drinking, something Spaniards are champions at. By the end of the tour, you'll know your banderillas from your bacalao, even if you can't pronounce them.
    3 hours