Intrepid Sightseeing

  • From Beatniks to Blues masters, drunken sailors, hardened fishermen, and karaoke kings, North Beach is full of colourful, local identities and fanciful folk heroes. Find out about them over an Anchor Steam ale on this San Francisco tour that will get you talking.  
    San Francisco
    2.5 hours
  • Tunnel into the heart of Houston on this adventure from  the 1920's to now. Trade in Art Deco for contemporary and head underground into the city's tunnel system to discover what lies beneath. A nifty chance to escape the Texan heat, this Houston tour even surprises locals. 
    4 hours
  • Houston, we have a problem: there are just too many good pubs in your city. Join this Houston tour to visit a pub with an old-school jukebox, a bar that trades as a tailor shop by day, a watering hole in an 1800's gambling parlor, and a bar that features features pinball and pool. Fun guaranteed; hangovers optional.
    3 hours
  • You haven't lived until you've heard the world's largest pipe organ in full swing! Hear the pipe organ, track down a cupcake truck in Love Park, scoff a Philly pretzel, visit an iconic cheese shop, and admire some of the city's finest public art and grand homes, all on this Philadelphia tour.
    3 Hours
  • Tacos, dumplings, knishes, bagels; America would be a food wasteland without immigration. Join this New York tour to sample the side effects of mass immigration while learning about those that dared to live the American Dream.
    New York
    3 hours
  • San Francisco is blessed with an abundance of girl-next-door good looks. On this San Francisco tour, see the natural beauty that all the other cities in America are jealous of by hiking the coastline past Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro baths, beaches, and the bay.  
    San Francisco
    4-5 hours