Delhi to Goa Overview

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Visit some of India's most iconic sights, beaches and cities

Kick off this two-week tour among the clamour and commotion of the streets of Delhi city. Walk through the winding alleyways of Old Delhi, pick up a memento in Connaught Place then make tracks for the Mughal city of Agra. Home to the ‘teardrop on the face of eternity’ - the Taj Mahal - and the imposing Red Fort, Agra will impress with its iconic attractions. Journey into Rajasthan, a land of impressive forts, ancient palaces and colour-drenched cities then continue on to the hustle and bustle of Ahmedabad. Travel into the heart of Bollywood in vivacious Mumbai before boarding a train south to finish up on the uber chilled-out beaches of Goa. This Delhi to Goa tour captures the chaos and inspiration of India at its very best.

  • Test your tastebuds with a spicy Indian curry
  • Visit Goa and discover a stress-free paradise
  • Fall in love with beautiful Udaipur
  • Take a walk along Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai
  • Visit the legendary Taj Mahal in Agra
  • Bargain for souvenirs in Delhi city
  • Catch a sunrise from a temple in Pushkar
  • Travel across an ever-changing Indian countryside

What's included in this trip

  • Start:

    New Delhi, India
  • Finish:

    Goa, India
  • Group size:

    Min 1 , Max 12
  • Ages:

    Min 12
  • Meals:

    No meals included
  • Accommodation:

    Guesthouse (2 nts), Hotel (10 nts), Overnight sleeper train (1 nt)
  • Transport:

    Auto rickshaw, Bus, Overnight sleeper train, Plane, Train
  • Carbon emissions offset:

    461kg pp per trip
  • Notes:

    PLEASE NOTE: This tour has been discontinued for 2013. Please see HHSX for a similar option.

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Delhi to Goa Summary

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Day 1 Delhi

It's big, it's bold, it's busy - and there is nowhere in the world quite like it. Delhi's sights and sounds are sure to engage and intrigue.

Day 2 Agra

Famed for the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal, Agra is a city with a fascinating history and is rich in Mughal heritage, lush gardens and exquisite buildings and temples.

Days 3-4 Jaipur

Jaipur was designed by royalty and has delighted visitors for centuries with its pink-hued buildings, wonderful bazaars and rainbow of bright colours dancing along hectic streets.

Days 5-6 Pushkar

The holy city of Pushkar is a place of beauty with its whitewashed buildings, serene lake, rooftop restaurants and impressive temples.

Days 7-8 Udaipur

With dusty hills in the background and tranquil lakes its centrepiece, Udaipur is a truly beautiful city with fabulous heritage buildings, restaurants and narrow laneways.

Day 9 Ahmedabad

Sitting on the River Sabarmati, Ahmedabad is a large, cosmopolitan city with a number of parks, heritage buildings, impressive mosques and delicious eateries.

Days 10-11 Mumbai

A city of contradictions and never dull, Mumbai has truly wonderful sights vs the hard to see; incredible cultural depth vs rampant consumerism; immense riches vs crippling poverty.

Days 12-14 Goa

Tinged with a Portuguese flavour, the state of Goa is blessed with lovely beaches, rich traditions, mouth-watering cuisine, World Heritage buildings and a wealth of attractions.
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