Iceland Discovery

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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Visit Iceland and see glaciers, geysers and geothermal hot springs

Travel to Iceland and delve into the ancient land of Vikings and volcanoes on this 10-day Icelandic adventure. Marvel at geothermal hot springs, witness the steamy eruptions of a giant geyser, touch the tongue of Europe's biggest glacier, see lava that's still warm after 20 years and scale giant waterfalls. Travel through Iceland's desolate lands, so mysterious and ethereal that they have inspired artists, poets and musicians for centuries. The ancient, untamed beauty of Iceland will stay with you forever.

  • Discover Iceland's history in Reykjavik
  • Witness the steamy eruptions of a giant geyser
  • Hike to the tongue of Europe's biggest glacier
  • Travel to Iceland's 'Waterfall of the Gods'
  • Marvel at lava flows in Leirhnjukur that are still hot after 20 years

Iceland Discovery Summary

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Day 1 Reykjavik

Whether bathed in 22 hours of sunlight or hidden under a shroud of darkness, Reykjavik always shines with life, creativity, beauty and warmth of character.

Day 2 Hvolsvollur

The small town of Hvolsvollur lies in a sparse, green valley with snow-capped mountains looming in the distance.

Day 3 Vik

Alive with cliffs full of birds, remarkable black-sand beaches and tumultuous waters, Vik may be small in size but it's big on beauty.

Day 4 Hofn

Set on a picturesque harbour, Hofn is on the Ring Road that circles Iceland and is close to Vatnajokull, Europe's biggest glacier.

Day 5 Egilsstadir

Sitting on the banks of the Lagarfljot River and close to Iceland's largest forest, Egilsstadir is a relatively new town that was established in 1947.

Day 6 Lake Myvatn

Active volcanoes, lush wetlands and an abundance of birdlife surround Myvatn, making it an intriguing place to visit due to its unusual landscape.

Day 7 Hrutafjordur

Hrutafjordur is a tiny village in northwest Iceland with a notable church and a stunning locale.

Day 8 Snaefellsnes

Snaefellsnes is both a peninsula brimming with fjords, glaciers, lava fields and sea cliffs, and the setting of Jules Verne's 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'.

Days 9-10 Reykjavik

Reykjavik, the world's northernmost capital, has an enviable music scene, intoxicating geothermal pools, great restaurants and excellent museums and galleries.