West Africa Overland Itinerary

Travel from Dakar to Ghana on a road trip across this unspoilt and fascinating region of Africa, discovering the cultures, unique animals, stunning scenery and the warm smiles of the people of West Africa

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Palm trees under blue skies, Benin

Clay hut of Ditamari people, Benin

Friendly children of the Ashanti region, Ghana

Traditional pottery market, Accra, Ghana

Day 1 Dakar

Begin your West Africa journey in the vibrant coastal city of Dakar.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 2-3 St. Louis

Head north through the Sahel to the historic city of St. Louis. Explore the picturesque colonial streets or maybe take a trip to Langue de Barbarie National Park.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 4-5 Toubakouta/Sine-Saloum Delta

Stop over in the tiny town of Toubakouta, and, if there's time, head to Medina Baay Mosque in Kaolack. The next day, head out and explore the beautiful beaches, mangrove swamps, islands and dunes of the Sine-Saloum Delta.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 6-7 Tendaba/Kiang West National Park

Reach the Gambia River and spend two nights in traditional round huts made entirely out of natural materials from the bush. Explore the woodlands, mangrove creeks and tidal flats of Kiang West, the Gambia's largest national park, and keep an eye out for West African manatee, otters, hyenas and leopards.
ACCOM: Rondavel - 2

Days 8-10 Cap Skirring

Feel the fresh sea breeze in the coastal village of Cap Skirring. Perhaps take a dip in warm ocean waters or relax on palm-fringed beaches.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Days 11-12 Bissau

Relax among the laidback, Portuguese-inspired vibes of Bissau. Pull up a seat in a bustling cafe or snap some photos of the character-clad colonial buildings.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 13-15 Bush Camp

Camp in the wild en route to Guinea, passing through some of West Africa's most remote scenery on the way.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 2, Hotel - 1

Days 16-17 Fouta Djallon

Head into the cool climes of Fouta Djallon, the perfect place to enjoy some outdoor activities. Trek through stunning scenery and swim in pristine natural lagoons.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 18 Mamou

Travel south through Guinea to the central town of Mamou.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 19 Bush Camp

Stop overnight in a wild bush camp close to the Sierra Leone border.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Days 20-21 Bureh Beach

Drive on to Bureh Beach and let cares melt away on one of the stunning beaches.
ACCOM: Camping (with basic facilities) - 2

Days 22-23 Freetown

Uncover a wealth of culture and history in Freetown - the main base for the suppression of the slave trade in the 1700s. Perhaps ease into the adventure by lazing about on one of the many beautiful beaches.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 24-26 Bureh Beach

Relax on stunning Bureh Beach.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Days 27-28 Tiwai Island Sanctuary

Encounter river turtles, colourful primates and spectacular natural rainforest in the Tiwai Island Sanctuary.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 29-30 Bush Camp/Kabala

Explore southern Sierra Leone and camp under the stars in the glorious African wilderness.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1, Hotel - 1

Days 31-32 Bush Camp/Faranah

Discover the meaning of 'off the beaten track' in Sierra Leone. Travel along narrow, corrugated dirt roads to a remote section of west Africa.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1, Guesthouse - 1

Day 33 Gueckedou

Continue overland through the mid-region of Guinea, stopping en route in Gueckedou.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1

Days 34-35 Guinee Forestiere

Journey into the forested mountain region that is home to most of Guinea's population. Learn about local culture, see an eye-popping array of flora and fauna, trek across savanna, follow trails to beautiful waterfalls and track forest elephants.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 36-37 Bush Camp

Take in the scenery while driving to Odienne, known for its large mosque and nearby gold mines. This town is set against a seriously striking backdrop - the imposing granite mountain of Den Ke Le Massif - so be ready to snap some great photos.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 38-39 Korhogo

Get insight into the Senoufo way of life in Korhogo. Practise haggling skills in Le Quartier des Sculpteurs where woven cloth, jewellery and antique souvenirs abound.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 40-41 Yamoussoukro

Discover Yamoussoukro's collection of opulent buildings built by post-independence president Felix Houphouet-Boigny on his quest to make his hometown the new, spectacular capital of Cote d'Ivoire. Appreciate the bizarre, quirky feel of this city, which has six-lane highways that lead nowhere and a multi-million dollar replica of St Peter's Basilica - even though only a small percentage of the population is Catholic.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1, Hotel - 1

Days 42-43 Grand Bassam

Explore Cote d'Ivoire's old French colonial capital of Grand Bassam. Explore the Old Town, watch local artists at work, or kick back and relax on the serene beaches.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 44-45 Elmina

Head into Ghana to the fishing village of Elmina and camp by the glittering Atlantic. Visit Elmina Castle - sub-Saharan Africa's oldest European structure - and get involved with a local community project.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Day 46 Kakum National Park

Journey to lush Kakum National Park. Try to spot pygmy elephants, forest buffaloes and colourful birdlife while ambling through the treetops - the canopy walkways are a unique way to experience this tropical rainforest.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 47-48 Kumasi

Drive north to Kumasi, once the centre of the Ashanti Kingdom and today home to West Africa's largest market. Spend some time exploring the town and its interesting museums.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 2

Day 49 Accra

See why Ghana's sprawling capital is a favourite among sun worshippers and beach lovers. Make a beeline for one of the many stretches of sand in this coastal city, and be entertained by musicians, acrobats and souvenir vendors. In the evening, make the most of Accra's lively nightlife by hitting the restaurants and bars.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 50 Accra

Welcome to Ghana’s sprawling capital. Whether kicking back on one of the many beaches, enjoying the street musicians and acrobats, or taking in some history at the National Museum, there’s something for every type of traveller in Accra.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 51-52 Akosombo/Lake Volta

The largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Volta covers almost 4% of Ghana’s landmass. Explore the workings of the hydroelectric Akosombo Dam while visiting this remarkable site.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 53-54 Mount Klouto

Arrive at the spectacular Mount Klouto, where an evening of drumming and voodoo offers an authentic African experience. Perhaps embark on a hike and discover the area’s dense forest and gently cascading streams and waterfalls.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 55-56 Bush Camp

Experience a wild African bush camp after journeying through Togo and soaking up some of the dramatic scenery along the way.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 2

Days 57-58 Tata Somba Region

Stay in an eco-lodge in Tata Somba, and discover the incredible mud houses of the Tammari people. A World Heritage site, these two-storey fort-like structures are a truly impressive spectacle.
ACCOM: Lodge - 2

Days 59-60 Pendjari National Park

The stunning surrounds of Pendjari National Park offer a fantastic environment for embarking on game drives in the truck. Abundant with wildlife including elephants, hippos, buffalo, antelopes and some of the last populations of West African lions - there’s no shortage of astonishing natural sights here.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Day 61 Bush Camp

Journey through Benin and gaze out across captivating West African landscapes en route to another wild bush camping experience.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Day 62 Abomey

Set up camp in the ancient capital of what was once one of the most powerful empires in Africa - the Dahomey Kingdom. Discover some of the kingdom’s history by visiting original Dahomeyan palaces and temples, or stopping by the Musee Historique D’Abomey.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 63 Ganvie

Jump aboard pirogues (dugout canoes) and explore Ganvie, a town built entirely on stilts in the middle of a lagoon. Spend a night in the stilt village – remarkable in that it’s home to more than 10,000 people – and learn more about the history of what is possibly the largest lake village in the whole of Africa.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1

Day 64 Ouidah

Paddle the pirogues back to shore and continue on to Ouidah – the centre of Benin’s voodoo culture – and discover the intriguing Musee d’histoire d’Ouidah, which offers an interesting insight into the area’s voodoo history.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 65-66 Grand Popo

Get in some rest and relaxation West African style on the beach at Grand Popo. Once a port that serviced the slave trade, the town is now a lovely spot to spend a lazy couple of days.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Day 67 Agbodrafo

Head to the the quiet town of Agbodrafo on the shores of Lake Togo for a night in an auberge (inn). Wind down lakeside, or jump in a pirogue for a paddle across to Togoville - a hotspot of voodoo culture.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 68 Keta

The largest wetlands site in Ghana, the Keta Lagoon Complex is abundant with bird, fish and butterfly species, and is a great place to do some wildlife spotting. After getting acquainted with some colourful creatures, perhaps discover the remains of Fort Prinzenstein, a slave den built by the Danes 300 years ago.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 69-70 Accra

Arrive back in Accra and perhaps pick up some local souvenirs from the craft market or reminisce about the adventure with the rest of the group over one last dinner together. There’s also a lively nightlife in Accra, so there’s ample opportunity for the trip to end with a bang.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1