Athens to Istanbul Itinerary

Visit Greece and Turkey via Athens, Delphi, Gallipoli and Istanbul. Discover the natural beauty and ancient wonders of the Mediterranean on this exciting tour.

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There is a later version of this trip also available for travel from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015. View later Athens to Istanbul.
Old town in Kavala, Greece


Istanbul at sunset


Days 1-2 Athens

The birthplace of Western civilisation, Athens, has an amazing array of historic sites to explore. Check out the Acropolis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
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Day 3 Delphi

Catch a glimpse of your future, take an adventure into Greek mythology and explore timeworn ruins at the Delphi Museum. Be sure to check out the Temple of Apollo, which according to legend, was the centre of the Delphic oracle and seat of Pythia.
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Days 4-5 Meteora

Climb into the heavens, just like monks have done for centuries, to explore an ancient monastery precariously placed atop a 400-m-high rock formation.
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Day 6 Kastoria

Explore the Byzantine churches and Ottoman-style architecture in the historic town centre before taking an optional tour to the Spilia tou Drakou (Cave of the Dragon). See stalactites and underground lakes in this mysterious natural wonder.
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Days 7-8 Thessaloniki

Relax in the splendour of what is regarded as the cultural capital of the country, with shopping, dinner and a show. With Ottoman influenced cuisine, be sure to indulge in bougatsa (a rich breakfast pastry) and a frappé coffee first thing in the morning.
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Days 9-10 Kavala

Chill out on one of the many pristine beaches and enjoy the local catch of the day. Alternatively, explore Kavala’s fascinating ancient heritage, dating back to the seventh century BC.
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Day 11 Porto Lagos

Visit the scenic village of Porto Lagos to view rare bird life, before exploring the surrounding forests or the lagoons of the Thracian Sea.
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Days 12-13 Gallipoli

Explore the beautiful, yet sobering, coastline of this once bloody battlefield.
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Days 14-15 Istanbul

Turkey’s capital is a chaotic splendour. Head to the Grand Bazaar, the incredible St Sophia Church and the iconic Blue Mosque. Grab a quick bite of doner kebab or kofte before losing yourself in a maze of pumping nightclubs and bars.
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