You’ll need a big set of crayons to fill in the colour wheel of Oceania. Start with every shade of red imaginable: that will probably cover the ochre rocks and rusted deserts of the Outback. For the waters of the Pacific? Cobalt blue. But save plenty of turquoise and pale gold for the shallow sandbanks and coastal shoals of Timor and northern Queensland. Then there’s the pure white of New Zealand snow, the moss green of Tasmania's southern forests and the inky brown of a classic Melbourne espresso. Oceania is life in full colour, just the way we like it. Someone fetch us a crayon...

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Seven awesome beach-free summer breaks

Posted on Fri, 27 Mar 2015

Profess a dislike of beaches and you’ll incur a perplexed look. So far as social propriety carries, thumbing your nose at salt and sand is pretty much tantamount to saying […]

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Overcrowded and ugly: how the world’s least attractive sights can teach us more than the highlights

Posted on Wed, 21 Jan 2015

People don’t have a lot of time for 'ugly' travel. But why not? It's time to celebrate the world for what it is, not what it should be.

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The ultimate guide to Australian slang

Posted on Tue, 20 Jan 2015

For those wanting to master this distinctive lingo, Intrepid is here to help with our very own ( and very unofficial) guide to speaking Australian.

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An earth worth watching: inside our new Earthwatch Rainforest Expedition

Posted on Fri, 16 Jan 2015

It’s got the biggest natural diversity of any place in Australia, and it’s where you can go in 2015 with a team of leading environmental scientists to help study the effects of climate change.

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The tribe has spoken: these Asian tribes will blow your mind

Posted on Mon, 29 Sep 2014

Believe it or not, the old world does survive, in the deep jungles and the high mountains, kept alive in the ancient knowledge of tribes.

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Australia on show in Intrepid’s August photo competition

Posted on Wed, 3 Sep 2014

For August - month two of our Intrepid photo competition 2015 - we shifted the focus to Intrepid's homeland of Australia in an attempt to encourage our travellers to capture everything we love about 'the lucky country'. And we weren't disappointed.

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Travelled with Australasia’s leading tour operator?

Posted on Thu, 12 Jun 2014

Intrepid Travel is thrilled to be nominated in the 21st annual World Travel Awards, in the category of Australasia’s Leading Tour Operator. If you’ve travelled with Intrepid, we would be [...]

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How to use your power for Earth Hour

Posted on Wed, 12 Mar 2014

Everyone has power to make real change and impact in the world. Including you. Join in this years Earth Hour on 29 March, and you will be part of the [...]

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Top 15 wild animal encounters

Posted on Mon, 17 Feb 2014

From sloths hanging out, to whales breathtakingly breeching and lions stalking their prey – when we asked you about your best experiences with animals when travelling, we were inundated with [...]

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A visit to Oz

Posted on Thu, 26 Sep 2013

You might have done so much planning and preparation that you already feel like you know a place before you visit. But as Debora Hoffman discovered when she left her [...]

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On an Outback road to somewhere

Posted on Fri, 5 Jul 2013

"None of us knew what to expect, but as the days passed and the earth changed from brown to red, our excitement became tangible..."

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5 great ways to start your day

Posted on Sat, 22 Jun 2013

Set your alarm clock and see where Sue Elliot, our Intrepid Express editor, loves to see the sun rise...

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