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North America is a land designed for dreamers. It’s probably the most talked about, analysed, mythologised and misunderstood continent on earth. You can search the desert canyons of Nevada, Canada’s glacial valleys and the honking chaos of Times Square, but the heart of the place remains elusive. For one thing, there’s so much to take in: Brooklyn’s organic café scene, living history at the Smithsonian, a slice of deep-dish pizza in Chicago, celeb-spotting on Rodeo Drive and the toe-tapping jazz bars of New Orleans. So hop in a Cadillac, crank up the tunes and hit the open road, along with all the other dreamers.

New trips in North America 

In the real world Henry Thoreau, Ansel Adams and Bear Grylls could never meet (what a camping trip that would be). But this is something we think they’d all enjoy: the US National Park Service centennial. Yep, this year the NPS turns 100. To celebrate, we didn't make a cake, but we did make something more our style: four one-off active expeditions through the spectacular American wildernes

Visit Dry Tortugas National Park and the uninhabited Marquesas Islands on this unique sailing expedition through the...
USD $1,445
CAD $1,695
AUD $1,781
EUR €1,260
GBP £921
NZD $1,952
ZAR R16,754
CHF FR1,287
Embark on an Intrepid Sailing expedition through the Florida Keys with stop-offs at Key West, Key Largo, and the...
USD $1,910
CAD $2,090
AUD $2,240
EUR €1,550
GBP £1,150
NZD $2,405
ZAR R20,635
CHF FR1,585
Embark on a cycling tour out of Las Vegas and into the spectacular wilds of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon
USD $2,605
CAD $2,940
AUD $3,085
EUR €2,115
GBP £1,595
NZD $3,385
ZAR R29,005
CHF FR2,165
Be part of a unique wilderness expedition through Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole

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