Ah, Europe. What is it about sun-soaked vineyards, snowy mountain peaks, cobbled lanes and the smell of fresh-baked croissants that draws 460 million people each year? Perhaps it's that feeling of walking back in time, a baguette under one arm. Sailing along the Cote d’Azur, with the waves of the Med lapping against the hull, or browsing Venetian market stalls, you can’t help but get swept up in the sheer romance of the place. This is the land of Coco Chanel and Bridget Bardot, of Da Vinci, Pavarotti and Puccini. There’s subversive street art for the hip, farm-fresh food for the hungry and a cathedral full of culture for those plagued by incurable wanderlust.

New trips in Europe

You can never reach the bottom of Europe. Every year it throws up new surprises. In 2015 we’ll nibble cannoli on the shores of Taormina, watch the aurora light up Iceland’s night sky, chill out in a Romanian ice hotel and wander through the emerald pools of Plitvice. The worst part of new trips in Europe? Picking your favourite.

Cote D'Azur Sailing Adventure - Nice to Marseille

8 days from
USD $1,320
CAD $1,329
AUD $1,302
EUR €899
GBP £750
NZD $1,452
ZAR R13,042
CHF FR1,087

Embrace Mediterranean life while sailing along the French Riviera, taking in the high lives of Cannes and St Tropez,...

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Highlights of Spain

8 days from
USD $1,220
CAD $1,335
AUD $1,315
EUR €890
GBP £720
NZD $1,455
ZAR R13,090
CHF FR1,080

Travel from alluring Madrid to beautiful Barcelona. Visit Cuenca’s Old City with its intriguing ‘hanging houses’,...

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Budapest to Bucharest

10 days from
USD $1,623
CAD $1,759
AUD $1,725
EUR €1,185
GBP £960
NZD $1,921
ZAR R17,276
CHF FR1,436

Enjoy a fascinating tour of Eastern Europe through Hungary and Romania. Explore Budapest and Bucharest, sample local...

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Eastern Europe Express

8 days from
USD $1,269
CAD $1,354
AUD $1,359
EUR €972
GBP £846
NZD $1,669
ZAR R12,820
CHF FR1,197

Enjoy a thrilling tour of Eastern Europe from Romania to Turkey. From Bucharest, head through Bulgaria and finish up...

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Morocco & Spain Getaway

15 days from
USD $2,160
CAD $2,225
AUD $2,185
EUR €1,505
GBP £1,260
NZD $2,430
ZAR R21,825
CHF FR1,825

Travel through Morocco and southern Spain to visit mosques and medinas in Casablanca, discover the secrets of ancient...

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