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We all know the feeling. You're all packed and ready to go, but you're convinced you've forgotten something. Have you packed enough socks? Did you remember to tell your neighbour to feed your cat? Have you updated your ipod with your favourite new tunes? 
While we can't remind you to put on clean underwear for the flight, Intrepid is comitted to taking the stress out of your travel experience by taking care of the big picture. That way, you can concentrate on the little things, like coming up with a really awesome Facebook status that will make all your friends jealous of your adventure. 
So if you're looking for information on flights, transfers and accommodation, then you've come to the right place.  Simply click on whichever tab is most appropriate. And get reading.

Travel insurance

Coverme by Manulife Insurance (Canadian travellers) 

Covermore (covers Australian travellers)

Columbus Direct (covers international travel for UK and European residents/travellers) 

Campbell Irvine (covers tnternational travel for UK and European residents/travellers)

QBE Travel Insurance (covers NZ Ttavellers)

Hollard Travel Protection (covers South African travellers) 

Columbus Direct (covers international travel for UK and European residents/travellers) 


Travel Insurance is compulsory on all Intrepid trips and is a condition of booking with Intrepid. When selecting a travel insurance policy we require that at a minimum you are covered for medical expenses, including emergency repatriation. We strongly recommend that the policy also covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects.
This will not only guarantee you peace of mind while you travel with Intrepid, but also covers you for many of the things that can go wrong while overseas.
Your insurance policy will need to be sighted by your leader on day one of your trip. Failure to do so will mean exclusion from the trip. Please ensure you have your policy number and emergency telephone number for your insurance company. If this is unavailable please ensure you have the necessary information required by your insurance company in case of an emergency.
We also recommend you take out cancellation insurance. This may cover cancellation penalties in certain circumstances if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly due to illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately cancellation insurance will not cover you if you change your mind.
You may wish to consider getting a quote through our travel insurance partner above who is able to offer comprehensive yet affordable insurance.

Accommodation and transfers

Intrepid want to make sure your trip starts and ends on the right foot. Whether you're the type of person who loves to be early, or the last person on the dancefloor at a party, our accommodation services allow you to squeeze every last drop of excitement out of your adventure.

 When booking your trip, just let us know if you are planning on extending your trip, and Intrepid can handle all your pre and post trip accommodation requirements for you.
Once your accommodation is all sorted, it's time to think about getting from A to B. As much as we love airports, arriving in a new one isn't always the most pleasant way start to a holiday. Unless you love swarms of taxi drivers vying for your attention and confusing transport maps, there's nothing better than spotting a friendly face among the crowd and being whisked away from the chaos. That's why, in most destinations, we offer arrival and departure transfers as an optional extra – so you can spend less time haggling for a cab fare and more time exploring.
Oh, and if you're a single traveller, we've got you covered too. A single supplement is available on most of our trips for an extra charge. Just ask our reservation staff or travel agent at the time of booking.


So you've touched down, made it to the hotel and slipped on some comfy walking shoes. What next? 
Sure, you could hit the minibar, relax in the lobby or wander around aimlessly for a few hours. Or you could kickstart your adventure by joining an Urban Adventure.
From street art to street food, in just a few hours you'll be well and truly under the skin of the city you're visiting. Got a few days spare before or after your trip? No problems, most Urban Adventures depart daily and departures are guaranteed. 
Or if you find yourself with some spare time during your trip, your leader can recommend and arrange a range of optional activities for you.
For a full list of Urban Adventures, ask your travel agent or visit urbanadventures.com


Flying. For some it is a source of constant joy – a landmark in human achievement that is unmatched by any other form of transport. For others, it is a necessary evil – a tortuous purgatory between home and your next adventure.
The reality is, until someone invents a teleportation device, flying is the most effective way to get out and start exploring the world. 
Intrepid offers a range of flight services, including wholesale fares, detailed quotes and flight reservations.
So drop us a line and you'll be sky high in no time.