Travel Agent Appreciation Day

For 365 days of the year, our lovely agents (that’s you) work hard to find the perfect Intrepid trip for their clients. So we thought it was time to you got a day all to yourselves, which is why we’re offering you a chance to live your travel dream. Tell us what your ultimate trip would be and you’ll be entered to WIN that trip, Intrepid style. Plus, secure any Intrepid booking today and we’ll give you an Urban Adventure of your choice. It’s our little way of saying thank you for all your hard work.

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Destination Inspiration

Meet your BDMs

Mark Nessle

Western Canada

Meet Mark, the BDM for West Coast North America.  He likes getting caught in the rain & the occasional piña colada. He also LOVES helping agents serve their clients. Packed with experience, visiting new places, welcoming real life experiences, Mark naturally enjoys discovering the world the "Intrepid way".

Megan Bailey

Central Canada

Having been a travel consultant for 7 years I know hard it is. You work hard to make clients' dreams come true and you really do change people’s lives.  We love it that we can work together to make your clients' dreams a reality! We are so grateful for our amazing partnership with you our travel agent partners.

Shayna Zand

Eastern Canada

I have been working for intrepid for 3 years, as a tour leader, with the sales team in the UK during my off season and now full time as Eastern Canada's BDM. It's been a crazy transition moving back to Toronto after 9 years but when you're lucky enough to work with the travel agents I get to...I wonder why I ever left!

Chloe O'Brien

Eastern Canada

I've been a travel agent in Halifax for the past two and a half years and I'm keen to be the new Intrepid Group BDM for Western Ontario and Maritimes since that used to be my agent stomping grounds. Before joining the team I'd been on 3 Intrepid trips, and if I had to choose Best of Morocco was my favourite.


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Comic from one of our agents

Created by Elspeth Humble, Flight Centre Halifax Scotia Square

Agent Raves and Reviews

Daniele Hofstede  - Flight Centre

"Whenever I call, I am treated as if we are friends, I like that personal touch they have with travel agents. Well done Intrepid!"

Isabelle Galan - Cruises & Tours Unlimited

"I mostly sell adventure travel and I have had nothing but great experiences and satisfied customers. The private group department is awesome! It is so easy to book and the staff is very knowledgeable. Keep up the good work"

Catherine Dionne - Voyages Merit

"I've travelled on Intrepid tours myself in the past and think it's a great alternative to going on my own! I also appreciate their commitment to sustainable travel and their foundation"

Janine Varney - Marlin Travel

"Interesting itineraries and product, good compensation to agents and good customer satisfaction!"

Lisa Henderson - Club Adventure

"The service has always been very good, my clients enjoy intrepid at destination. The range and price of tours often meets my clients needs"


Experience Intrepid

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