About Intrepid Food Adventures

Since the launch of our Food Adventures last year, a whole new sub-breed of Intrepid traveller has been born, as more and more of you have embraced our authentic, food-centric itineraries.

So to keep up with your insatiable appetites for the most digestible destinations, we’ve expanded our range of Food Adventures to take in even more of the world’s tastiest hotspots.


Discover our three Food Adventure trip styles...


Real Food Adventure

8-14 days
Discover the world’s unique flavours on a Real Food Adventure. Travel through a country’s most delicious destinations and taste the freshest produce, jostle for the best street food and experience the best of the local nightlife. But it’s not just about the food – these adventures are also filled with plenty of local interaction, cultural exploration and real life experiences.

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Bite-size Break

2-3 days
Immerse yourself in a culinary hot spot on a Bite-size Break. A mini-adventure in its own right or a delicious add-on to a longer trip, these 2-3 day journeys reveal a host of regional food experiences. Savour an amazing array of flavours in a short amount of time and get to know the culture and traditions of an inspiring food region.

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Urban Food Safari

2-6 hours
Dive into a city’s local food scene on a tasty Urban Food Safari. In just a few hours, you'll get the local know-how on all things gastronomic, hunting down the best street food, hidden eateries, drink makers, artisan food producers, spice bazaars or bar bites and search out the city’s best food and drink – these unique, fun and delicious safaris give an authentic taste of any urban jungle.

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