Explore El Salvador Itinerary

Get an invigorating taste of El Salvador’s sultry, vibrant culture - from the lush nature reserves near Ahuachapan to the buzzing urban streets of San Salvador.

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Iglesia church in el salvador

Day 1 Antigua

A cobblestoned maze of colourful buildings, leafy town squares and ornate churches, Antigua is the undisputed urban jewell in Guatemala's crown. Wander among the enchanting colonial architecture and lively indigenous markets, or settle back on a rooftop terrace offering spectacular views of the Pacaya Volcano.
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Days 2-4 Ahuachapan

Drive through some gorgeous scenery en route to Ahuachapan in El Salvador. Head for the bright aquamarine waters of Lago de Coatepeque, setting sail on the waters themselves or climbing the surrounding mountain trails for exceptional photo opportunities. Wildlife enthusiasts should make use of some free time with a visit to the El Imposible Nature Reserve for a chance to spot some endemic wildlife.
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Days 5-6 Suchitoto

Make like the locals and take in the sleepy atmosphere of Suchitoto, pottering about its quiet city streets or plonked down on a plaza bench. Not much happens in this picturesque lakeside town – which is precisely its charm. Those seeking some activity may fancy a leisurely hike in the Cinquera Forest, but this is really a place perfectly suited to idling away the day.
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Days 7-8 San Salvador

Arrive in the buzz and bustle of unabashed San Salvador. Heady, hectic and utterly enthralling, this is a city that wears its heart on its sleeve. Hit the local clubs for a taste of Central America's most scintillating night-life and, whatever you do, don't leave without trying a pupusa. Barely more than beans and cheese rolled up into a doughy pocket, they're surprisingly addictive.
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