Day 1 Cairo

Your first afternoon will be spent acclimatising to hectic Cairo and the Egyptian way of life. When you hear car horns tooting that usually means a celebration has begun! Relax on your balcony or swim in the pool and let the energy of Cairo wash over you.

Day 2 Cairo/Overnight Train

There’s no better place to start delving into Egypt’s incredible history than in its capital. Here the towering Pyramids have stood at Giza for thousands of years, cementing its status as the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World still standing and a structural marvel that continues to mystify modern-day archaeologists. Spend the day wandering the monuments as your Guide regales the family with tales of mummies, ghosts and burials. After taking in the treasures of the Egyptian Museum it’s time to travel south to Aswan.
ACCOM: Overnight sleeper train - 1

Day 3 Aswan/Nile

With sailings usually scheduled for late afternoon, there’s time to make the most of Aswan’s laid-back atmosphere before boarding the riverboat that will be home for the next three nights. Grab a deal from local merchants for exotic goods in the town’s bustling bazaar or simply stroll along the riverbank watching traditional feluccas sail by.
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Days 4-5 Nile Riverboat

The chance to cruise along the Nile is an experience that will stay with the family forever. Indulgent hours spent gazing on at the daily progress of Egyptian life happening all around the vessel are peppered by regular stops at sites of historical interest, such as the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu. Sleeping on a boat is a novelty and the kids are usually the first to want to join in with the day to day activities involved in sailing.
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Day 6 Luxor

Arrive in possibly the world’s largest cultural city, so nicknamed due to the astonishing number of ancient monuments within it. Admire the Valley of the Kings, where Phraohs were buried in astonishingly ornate tombs filled with a dazzling array of objects to give them the best chance in the afterlife. Next stop is the vast Karnak Temple, north of Luxor city, thought to be the largest surviving religious complex. For those with a thirst for history, there’s also the option to visit Luxor Temple after dusk and explore the site in its magical floodlit glory.
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Days 7-8 Cairo

Return to Cairo by plane with the day free to relax at the hotel or head out to explore the buzzing metropolis. This is your last day in Egypt before heading home so make the most of it and take one final look around.