Grand Galapagos Itinerary

Travel to Ecuador and fly to the Galapagos Islands – a paradise for nature lovers. Learn about Charles Darwin, see giant tortoises and go birdwatching on the islands of Santa Fe, Santa Cruz and Santiago

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ecuador volcano

Day 1 Quito

Arrive in colonial Quito, where the high altitude and incredible scenery will literally take your breath away.
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Day 2 Las Bachas

Board a flight bound for the Galapagos, where a national park guide will be waiting. Hop on a boat and head to the white sandy shores of Las Bachas, a great place to spot some of the famed Galapagos wildlife – including the marine iguana.
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Day 3 Isabela Island south coast

Roam the volcano strewn landscape of Isabela and spot blue-footed boobies and penguins. In the afternoon, drop in on the giant tortoise breeding centre to meet the Galapagos’ oldest residents.
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Day 4 Isabela Island west coast

Sail to Isabela’s west coast and spot unique birdlife circling high above the crater filled landscape. Keep an eye out for dolphins in the clear waters below.
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Day 5 Fernandina & Isabela Islands

Travel to Fernanadian to walk on pahoehoe lava and see lava cacti before returning to Isabela for some snorkelling.
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Day 6 Santiago Island

Head to Espumilla Beach and relish one of the most idyllic locations in the Galapagos Islands.
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Day 7 Rabida Island/Sombrero Chino

Head south for a peek at some flamingos on Rabida Island and check out the hat-shaped island of Sombrero Chino.
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Day 8 Santa Cruz Island

Island hop to Santa Cruz, the site of the Charles Darwin Research Station. Learn about the important conservation work being undertaken to protect the Galapagos Islands for future generations to enjoy.
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Day 9 Black Turtle Cove/Mosquera

Rise early and discover the peculiar red mangroves of Black Turtle Cove before relaxing on the small, sandy island of Mosquera.
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Day 10 Genovesa Island/Darwin Bay

Take an overnight cruise to Genovesa, an isolated island outpost that is bursting with birdlife and unique flora. Continue to Darwin Bay to spot colonies of sea birds resting on the shore.
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Day 11 Plaza Sur/Santa Fe Islands

Get close to sea lions in Plaza Sur before heading inland on Santa Fe, a great place to see the fascinating Prickly Pear Cactus.
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Day 12 San Cristobal Island

Pass a magnificent lion shaped rock en route to San Cristobal, where there is a chance to go hiking, swimming and snorkeling.
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Day 13 Española Island

Make tracks to Española island, the most southern point of the Galapagos and the breeding ground of or nearly all of the world's waved albatrosses.
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Day 14 Floreana Island

See sand made up of fine olivine crystals and drop into Post Office Bay while exploring Floreana.
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Day 15 Bartolome Island

Be captivated by the lunar landscape of Bartolome Island.
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Day 16 North Seymour Island/Quito

Clamber up the rocky coast of North Seymour Island before flying back to Quito.
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Day 17 Quito

Perhaps stay on after the trip to explore the curious alleyways and lively nightlife in Quito.