Glimpse of Galapagos - Northern Islands - (Nemo III) Itinerary

Fly to the Galapagos where the Nemo III catamaran is waiting to take you on an amazing adventure. Take in Genovesa, Santiago and Santa Cruz islands to see the region's unique wildlife and scenic landscapes. Also visit the Charles Darwin Station.

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frigates on isla Genovesa, Galapagos

baltra island iguana, galapagos

sea lions kissing on the galapagos islands

quito city buildings

Isla Santa Cruz Tortoise

Day 1 Quito

While ambling along the cobbled streets of Quito, why not take a rest in the central plaza of the Old Town. This is one of the best spots in the city to do a bit of people watching while getting a taste of some tangy ceviche.
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Day 2 Baltra - Las Bachas

After an early morning flight to the Galapagos Islands, get straight into the adventure around Las Bachas. Check out the breeding grounds of the pacific green turtle, meet a swarm of marine iguanas sunbathing on warm rocks or take a refreshing dip in the ocean. Choose to lie on the white sandy beach for an afternoon of relaxation, head to the lava rocks in search of the colourful Sally lightfoot crabs or acquire a snorkel to view some marine life from a different perspective.
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Day 3 Isla Genovesa

Cruise toward Genovesa and spot dolphins jumping in the Nemo III’s wake. Follow the Prince Philip’s Steps to spot the widest array of birdlife the islands has on offer, including storm petrels who are rarely seen during the day. Later, head to Darwin Beach for a snorkel among sea lions, manta rays, turtles, moray eels and a rainbow of fish.
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Day 4 Isla Santiago

Take a stroll along the blackened Pahoe-Hoe lava, which hardened black in 1897 after a volcano eruption on James Island. Geologically rich, this is a very interesting place to spot iguanas, crabs, sea lions and even the odd penguin. Later, head to Cerro Dragon to view the distinct birdlife that inhabits the lagoon landscape of Santa Cruz.
ACCOM: Motorised Catamaran - 1

Day 5 Charles Darwin Research Station - Isla Santa Cruz

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn more about the scientific discoveries made around the islands. Better understand the conservation efforts being made around the island to protect the wildlife and landscape, then come face-to-face with the fascinating giant Galapagos tortoises. After a final glimpse of the Galapagos’ incredible wildlife around Puerto Ayora, catch a flight back to Quito for a final group meal.
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Day 6 Quito

Farewell the group and leave Quito with a wealth of knowledge and plenty of great memories.