Galapagos Uncovered Itinerary

Travel to the Galapagos Islands from Quito, Ecuador. Tour Galapagos's highlights from Isla Mosquera to Isla San Cristobal on this wildlife sailing adventure.

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Day 1 Quito

Travel to Quito and spend a free day exploring this exciting and picturesque South American destination. In the evening, get acquainted with the rest of the group before departing Ecuador for the remote Galapagos Islands.
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Day 2 Isla Mosquera

Sail the seas surrounding Santa Cruz Island, and enjoy an excursion to the peaceful wetlands of Caleta Tortuga Negra. This is prime territory for turtle spotting, as well as the odd fever of rays or Galapagos sharks. In the afternoon, explore the small, picturesque island of Mosquera, where vivid red rock crabs scamper sideways across the sands.
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Day 3 Isla Genovesa

Spend the night sailing to the outer archipelago island of Genovesa. This twitcher’s paradise is home to a hat-trick of boobies, with the masked, blue-footed and rare red-footed all inhabiting this remote area. This is also the only place on earth to spot storm petrels tending their nests during daylight. Later, a trip to Darwin Bay is the perfect location to take the plunge with some snorkelling or swimming.
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Day 4 Isla Santa Fe

Travel to the beautiful tiny island of Plaza Sur, where one of the Galapagos’s largest iguana populations resides. The rugged, volcanic cliff formations here are prime real estate for nesting, so there are plenty of opportunities to spot tropicbirds and swallow-tailed gulls. In the afternoon, a visit to Santa Fe provides a one-off chance to swim amongst the tamest of sea lions or snorkel with shoals of fluorescent aquatic life.
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Day 5 Isla San Cristobal

Pass through the waters surrounding the impressive Leon Dormido – Kicker Rock. Rising dramatically out of the ocean and shaped like a sleeping lion, this is one of the most iconic sights of the Galapagos. Sail on to Cerro Brujo, and disembark to enjoy an afternoon bout of hiking, swimming or snorkelling.
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Day 6 Isla Española

Head due south and cruise to the island of Española, a spectacular and remote home to almost all of the world’s waved albatross, as well as colonies of boobies, mockingbirds and doves. Relax on the deserted white sands of Bahia Gardner, or take a dip amongst the turtles and tropical fish in the surrounding waters.
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Day 7 Isla Floreana

Step ashore on the Isla Floreana at Punta Cormorant, where an exquisite olive-green beach is a popular stomping-ground for the Galapagos sea lions. Enjoy a multitude of wildlife-watching opportunities, with flamingos often found wading in the nearby lagoons while boobies, pelicans and frigates dot the shores. Send a postcard home from Post Office Bay, where 18th century whalers made use of an old barrel to unofficially post their mail, and explore this picturesque Galapagian township.
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Day 8 Isla Bartolome

The youngest island in the archipelago offers incredible lunar-esque volcanic landscapes for the agile explorer. Clamber up Pinnacle Rock – one of the most photographed sights in the Galapagos.
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Days 9-10 Isla North Seymour/Quito

Search out frigate birds and blue-footed boobies on an inland trek through the landscapes of North Seymour. The rocky coastline provides shelter to a huge array of wildlife, so this is a prime opportunity to get some last minute photos before returning to Quito.
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