Day 1 Quito

Amble along the cobblestone streets of Quito’s Old Town to see crumbling churches and vibrant plazas. Dine at some of the best restaurants in town before taking an evening stroll to see colonial Quito at its best.
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Day 2 Fly to Galapagos/Isla North Seymour

Rise early to catch a flight to the Galapagos. By the afternoon you’ll be relaxing onboard the Nemo III. Cruise to North Seymour, where blue-footed boobies entertain the crowds with their mating dance and frigate birds expand their red, pouch-like necks to the size of a soccer ball when trying to lure a mate. Later, make a splash in warm, turquoise waters alongside reef sharks, rays and sea lions.
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Day 3 Isla San Cristobal

Spend the morning alongside the largest colony of sea lions in the islands. Later, watch colourful Sally Lightfoot crabs scurry across the volcanic rock dodging hunting lava birds. After a full morning of wildlife watching, take a panga ride in the afternoon or choose to don a snorkel and sink beneath the sea’s bright blue surface.
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Day 4 Isla Espanola

Arguably the most beautiful beach in the entire archipelago, Gardner Beach makes for a great place to take a morning dip or to hang out with Californian sea lions and even the odd sea turtle. Cruise to the southernmost island of Espanola, a breeding ground for around 12,000 pairs of waved albatrosses. Espanola is also home to colonies of blue-footed and masked boobies.
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Day 5 Post Office Bay /Isla Floreana

Rich in natural wonders and wildlife, discover the island of Floreana. Laze about on an unusually coloured beach, spot flamingos wading in lagoons and make tracks towards the Eastern Pacific green sea turtle nesting site. Take a brief history lesson at Post Office Bay, where the oldest postal system in the Americas is located. It is still in use today.
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Day 6 Isla Santa Cruz

On the second largest island in the archipelago, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about Darwin’s historic discoveries and meet the oldest land dwellers in the world, the Galapagos giant tortoise. Head to the highlands of Santa Cruz, a region of glowing green vegetation that buzzes with life.
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Day 7 South Plaza/Santa Fe

Spot tropical birds, land iguanas and sea lions among the volcanic landscape of South Plaza. With rugged cliffs plotted around the undulating terrain, this is an excellent place to pull on the walking boots and go for a hike. For some more adventure, set sail for Santa Fe, where sea lion’s adore swimming with human playmates and the walking paths are humming with native wildlife.
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Day 8 Isla Bartolome/Sombrero Chino

Climb to the summit of Bartolome Island for an outstanding view across Sullivan Bay. After an exhausting hike, chill out among the reef sharks and rays in the ocean. Shaped like a Chinese hat, head over to Sombrero Chins, where the afternoon is spent exploring lava tubes and learning about the volcanic history of this rocky region.
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Day 9 Isla Mosquera

Spend the last few hours of your Galapagos adventure on the stunning white sands of Mosquera Island. Watch the island’s most popular personalities, including Sally Lightfoot crabs, blue-footed boobies and Californian sea lions run amok on the beach. Catch a flight back to Ecuador’s capital.
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Day 10 Quito

Before the adventure comes to an end, why not spend a little time picking up a few Ecuadorian souvenirs at a local market or sampling the national dish, encebollado (fish stew).