Galapagos Panorama - Northern Islands - Australian Geographic Society Itinerary

Look for Green Turtles nesting on the white beaches of Las Bachas, scan the waters for pods of dolphins off Genovesa and watch iguanas scamper along Urvina Bay, all while sailing around the Galapagos Islands on the Nemo III

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Deck on the Nemo

Blue footed boobies


Cabin on the Nemo

Day 1 Quito

Explore the elegant architecture of colonial Quito.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 2 Bachas Beach

Fly to Baltra, board the Nemo III and cruise out to the white-sand beaches of Las Bachas.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 3 Isla Genovesa

Snorkel in search of diamond sting rays at Darwin Beach.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 4 Isla Santiago/Isla Santa Cruz

Learn about the islands’ geological history on a guided walk around Bahia Sullivan.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 5 Charles Darwin Research Station/Santa Cruz

Wander among the wild giant tortoises of Santa Cruz’s highlands.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 6 Isla Isabela

On the archipelago’s largest island, spend a morning exploring Punta Moreno. See pink flamingos dotted around aqua lagoons, trek active volcanos and spot incredible lava formations.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 7 Isla Fernandina

Take a stroll on the Galapagos’ youngest island and explore Tagus Cove, an old pirate hang-out.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 8 Isla Santiago

Sprawl on the sands of Espumilla Beach.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 9 Isla Daphne/Quito

Search for frigatebirds on Daphne Island before flying back to the mainland.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1, Motorised yacht - 1

Day 10 Quito

Finish up in Quito.