Galapagos Isabela Island Itinerary

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Frigate bird, Galapagos

Giant tortoise, Galapagos

Blue footed boobies, Galapagos

Day 1 Quito

Travel to Quito and discover this vibrant city nestled at the base of Volcan Pichincha. Take to the picturesque streets and cobblestone alleys on a walking tour. The many churches, cathedrals and colonial mansions reflect the history of the region and are well worth further exploration.

Days 2-4 Isabela Island

Formed by six merging volcanoes – five of which are still active – the silhouette of Isabela roughly resembles that of a seahorse. The unique ecosystem on the island means that Isabela has distinctly different flora and fauna to all the other islands of the Galapagos. Take in some of its natural wonders on a trip out to Flamingo Lagoon, the largest coastal lagoon in the Galapagos and one of the principal reproductive sites for flamingos.
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Day 5 Santa Cruz

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the breeds of tortoises and land iguanas salvaged from the brink of extinction. Later on, why not head out to the white sands of Tortuga Bay to watch spiky marine iguanas bobbing among the breakers.
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Days 6-7 Quito

Farewell the Galapagos Islands and return to the mainland on a flight back to Quito. Spend free time stocking up on souvenirs at the open-air markets, sampling traditional Ecuadorian cuisine at a local eatery or revelling the night away in the city's lively bars and clubs.