Day 1 Quito

Get lost in Quito’s maze of colonial streets or sip a quiet drink in a local trattoria before rendezvousing with the rest of the Galapagos at a Glance group in the evening.
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Day 2 Baltra/Isla Santa Cruz

Fly from Quito to the first island of the Galapagos adventure – Santa Cruz. A journey into the highlands reveals lush vegetation, which is a stark contrast to much of the Galapagos’ arid landscapes. These highlands also offer one of the best spots to watch giant tortoises in their natural habitat.
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Day 3 Isla Plaza Sur/Isla Santa Fe

The small island of Plaza Sur possesses abundant life and beauty. Walk among resting sea lions and land iguana populations before making a stop in Santa Fe, which is a fantastic place to see the Galapagos hawk, dove and mockingbird, plus sea lions, marine turtles, frigatebirds and lava lizards. Snorkel in jade green waters and hike into the island centre to see a forest of giant cacti and palo santo trees.
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Day 4 Isla Bartolome

Hike over the volcano-scarred landscape of Bartolome, where lava bombs, spatter and cinder cones give way to red mangroves and a variety of cacti on this diverse island. Witness the native marine iguanas and lava lizards slinking over the rocks before cooling off with a swim alongside Galapagos penguins, turtles and white-tipped reef sharks.
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Day 5 Isla Mosquera/Baltra/Quito

Sail to nearby Isla Mosquera, which is rich in sea life and a popular spot for both sea lions and marine birds. Keep an eye out for boobies making their spectacularly quick headlong dives into the water, the large colony of sea lions and a sizeable brown pelican population. Then, cruise back to Baltra and fly back to Quito to further explore this unique city.
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Day 6 Quito

A final breakfast in Quito presents the chance to reflect on the wonder of the Galapagos Islands.