Day 1 Quito

Step off the plan and succumb to the pulsating, hip-swinging rhythm of Quito’s vibrant streets. Meander through the Old Town to admire some recently restored colonial architecture or head to Mariscal Sucre for a cup of strong Ecuadorian coffee in a trendy cafe.
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Day 2 Isla Santa Cruz

Jump aboard the M.Y Pelikano and head to the highlands of Santa Cruz to meet the island’s oldest residents. Tour the misty mountain tops on foot and keep an eye close to the sky – thousands of colourful birds can be seen swooping and calling to one another from the treetops.

Day 3 Isla San Cristobal

Learn one boobie from another on Punta Pitt, where both red- and blue-footed creatures nest. Rest you feet on the powder soft sands of Cerro Brujo, a beach surrounded by incredible volcanic formations. Just watch out for a flurry of red at your feet – the Sally Lightfoot crab walk their brilliantly coloured shells around on tiptoe and have some seriously sharp nippers.

Day 4 Isla Santa Fe

View the endangered Galapagos hawk, one of the most territorial creatures on the island, and learn about the history of the Darwin Finches, a species that evolved Darwin’s own theory of evolution. Weather you hike, snorkel or simply laze around the island’s beaches, you are sure to see a colourful array of local wildlife that only gets more interesting the longer you sit and stare.

Day 5 BlackTurtle Cove/Quito

Take a paddle around turquoise waters where green turtles are often seen breeding. Also, watch the rocks to see if you can spot the camouflaged lava heron hunting around for lunch; they can be tricky to see as their feathers match the colour of the lava rocks. In the evening, farewell the big and small, old and young, red-breasted and blue-footed animals of the Galapagos kingdom and make tracks back to Quito.
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Day 6 Quito

Before the journey comes to an end, why not stop by the Basilica del Voto Nacional, the largest neo-Gothic basilica in the Americas or explore the trendy restaurants around Gringolandia (gringoland).