Galapagos at a Glance Itinerary

Travel to the Galapagos, Ecuador, and experience first-hand the unique beauty of these magical islands. Cruise azure waters, marvel at crazy looking wildlife and be stunned by the diversity of the landscape.

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ecuador galapagos frigate

ecuador galapagos frigate

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Day 1 Quito

Travel to Ecuador and visit the striking city of Quito. Discover true Ecuadorian flair on a stroll through the vibrant colonial streets. Why not hike to El Panecillo - 'the Little Bread Loaf' - for a sensational view of the city.
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Day 2 Isla Santa Cruz

The Galapagos adventure begins with a flight to Baltra before setting sail for Isla Santa Cruz. Come face-to-face with the giant Galapagos tortoise, explore amazing lava tunnels and visit the Charles Darwin Research Station.
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Day 3 Isla Rabida - Isla Santiago

Continue the cruise to Isla Rabida. With a different species at every turn, this island is a nature lover's paradise. Head to Isla Santiago and explore the surrounds of stunning Puerto Egas.
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Day 4 Isla Bartolome

Scale the summit of Bartolome and devour the magnificent view of the Galapagos Islands from the top. Passing over the volcanic luna landscapes, get a snap of the famous Pinnacle Rock.
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Day 5 North Seymour Island

Visit North Seymour Island and follow the trail to the beautiful beaches that look out to Daphne Major and Minor. Cruise back to Baltra before catching a return flight to Quito.
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Day 6 Quito

Head back to the bubbly city of Quito and perhaps end this Galapagos adventure with an anise flavoured mistela, a drink unique to the city.