Galapagos Escapade - Northern Islands - (Nemo III) Itinerary

Visit the Galapagos Islands for the adventure of a lifetime onboard the stylish Nemo III. Discover the history of Charles Darwin and view the animals that helped him develop his theory of evolution.

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blue footed boogie on isla Isabela

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relaxing at sea on the Nemo II, galapagos islands sailing

sailing the Galapagos islands on Nemo II

Day 1 Quito

Scrub up on your Spanish and say “bienvenidos” to Ecuador’s capital. Founded on an Inca city, explore the historic significance of this Unesco World Heritage city. Admire Spanish-influenced architecture, the crumbling facade of the Old Town and the Quito’s architectural crown jewel, the Jesuit church.
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Day 2 Baltra - Santa Cruz Highlands

After a relatively short flight to the Galapagos Islands, head straight for the Nemo III, your transport and home for the next five days. From here, allow the naturalist guide to help you explore the highlands of Santa Cruz, where giant tortoises slowly lurk amid the incredibly dense greenery. Although it’s easy to be enchanted by the intense surroundings of this emerald forest, every now and again, tilt your head to the sky to spot Darwin’s finches, woodpecker finches and vermillion flycatchers.
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Day 3 Punta Moreno - Isla Isabela

On the archipelago’s largest island, spend a morning exploring Punta Moreno. See pink flamingos dotted around aqua lagoons, trek active volcanos and spot incredible lava formations. In the afternoon, we head to Urvina Bay.
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Day 4 Isla Fernandina

Watch sea lions laze, Sally Lightfoot crabs shuffle and marine iguana’s fight for prime position on a sunny rock around the peninsula of Isla Fernandina. To get a little closer to the action, jump in the water and snorkel away the morning and In the afternoon, say “ahoy” to Tagus Cove and snorkel around this old pirate hangout.
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Day 5 Isla Santiago

On the black, sandy beaches of Puerto Egas, check out some incredible volcanic formations while also spotting the island’s most popular residents. Marine iguanas, sea lions, finches, pelicans and mockingbirds line the coast, while crabs, snails and fish mark their territory in small tidal pools. Visit Buccaneer’s Cove to learn more about the history of pirates on the islands, and see where Charles Darwin camped out while exploring the islands.
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Day 6 Isla Daphne - Baltra - Quito

Shaped by volcanic activity and rich with native animals, Daphne Island has one of the most dynamic landscapes in the archipelago. Watch blue-footed boobies attempt their flamboyant mating dance while frigatebirds inflate their red-throat pouches to attract a mate - it’s a spectacular sight to end this Galapagos escapade on. After the flight back to Quito, why not get the group together for a final dinner in the electric Old Town of Ecuador’s capital.
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Day 7 Quito

After swapping photographs and memories from the last six days of adventure, it’s time to farewell Quito.