Galapagos Escapade Itinerary

Travel to the Galapagos Islands from Quito, Ecuador. Tour Galapagos's highlights from Isla Santa Cruz to the Daphne Islands on this Galapagos wildlife adventure.

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Day 1 Quito

Travel to Quito and discover this vibrant city resting beneath Volcan Pichincha. Spend a free day exploring Ecuador’s busy capital, where cobblestone streets wind between impressive colonial buildings, and intricate decorative architecture drips from the archways of churches and cathedrals.
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Day 2 Isla Santa Cruz

Sail to the first stop on this Galapagos adventure – Isla Santa Cruz. Visit the town of Puerto Avora, where it’s not unusual to spot iguanas parading past gift shops, as the wildlife breaches the familiar boundaries of habitats. Discover the conundrum of the Galapagos mockingbirds, which inspired the formulation of the theory of natural selection, on a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station.
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Day 3 Isla Isabela

Admire the turquoise waters surrounding the largest island in the archipelago. Formed by five gigantic volcanic craters, hike through the magical landscape that surrounds Sierra Negra, one of the most active volcanoes in the region. Meet some of the famous local inhabitants with a trip to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre and peek into the Galapagos's penal past at the convict-built Wall of Tears. Jump aboard a dinghy and paddle to Tintoreras for a spot of snorkelling or swimming.
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Day 4 Isla Rabida

Sail to Isla Rabida, where a diverse landscape of various volcanic formations is ripe for exploring. Witness the sight of palo santo trees and opuntia cacti poking optimistically up through the cemented lava fields. Visit Cerro Dragon and walk to a lagoon shared by ducks, sandpipers, sanderlings and flamingos.
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Day 5 Isla Santa Cruz

Rise early and head to the mangrove swamp at Caleta Tortuga Negra. Paddle dinghies through this tranquil paradise and look for turtles, rays and the Galapagos sharks. Take an afternoon trip to Sombrero Chino, and circle the cove through a sea lion colony and masses of iguanas. This is the perfect spot for some snorkelling, so jump in and make like a turtle!
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Days 6-7 Isla Daphne/Quito

Enjoy a rare treat and set foot on one of the Daphne Islands. Only accessible by small boats, there are major restrictions on tourist numbers that can visit this area of the Galapagos. This is the final opportunity to spot the spectacular red-billed tropicbird, as well as many other birds and sea lions that call Daphne home. Return to Baltra, before flying back to the distant mainland to enjoy a final night in Quito.
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