Galapagos Adventure Itinerary

Travel to the Galapagos Islands and see why it is such a world-renowned destination. Journey from Isla Santa Cruz to Puerto Ayora and see diverse landscapes and fabulous wildlife along the way.

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ecuador galapagos baby sea lion

ecuador galapagos baby sea lion

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Day 1 Quito

The Galapagos Adventure begins in Quito, Ecuador's capital, where the rustic cobbled streets of the Old Town meet the vibrant and growing nightlife of a thriving modern city. Arrive early to wander through the narrow streets and discover Plaza Grande and Plaza San Francisco. Or perhaps venture to the nearby El Panecillo for panoramic views of the endless white houses of the city and the volcanoes which line the horizon.
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Day 2 Isla Santa Cruz

Fly to the Galapagos Islands and board the M.V.Darwin. Once on the water, the first stop is Las Bachas beach on Santa Cruz Island, a major egg-laying site for the famous Galapagos sea turtles.
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Day 3 Isla Santa Fe

Stop by South Plaza to search for blue-footed and masked boobies before sailing on to Santa Fe Island. Keep an eye out for the Santa Fe land iguana, which is unique to the island. Walk through prickly pear forests and make the most of the radiant green waters that are a favourite for sea lions.
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Day 4 Isla Espanola

Cruise to Espanola, one of the oldest islands in the archipelago. As well as being the breeding site for thousands of waved albatrosses, the island has an abundance of hood mockingbirds, marine iguanas, Galapagos hawks and boobies. And there is no wonder fauna find the location so appealing as it boasts one of the longest stretches of white sand beach in the region.
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Day 5 Isla Floreana

Journey to Floreana and send a post card back home from Post Office Bay, where passing boats have picked up letters for hundreds of years. Learn the history of human settlement on the island and keep an eye out for the impressive forms of hammerhead sharks off the coast.
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Day 6 Isla Santa Cruz/Quito

Learn the history of the Galapagos at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora. As well as detailing conservation efforts to preserve the unique ecosystems, the station gives visitors the best chance to have an up-close encounter with giant tortoises. Return to Quito later in the day.
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Day 7 Quito

Wind up this Galapagos adventure among the lively nightlife, authentic cuisine and endless entertainment of Quito.