Ecuador Amazon Jungle - 5 days Itinerary

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Santo Domingo church in Quito

Butterfly in the Amazon Jungle

Local women, Ecuador

Day 1 Quito/Amazon Jungle

Because this trip doesn't spend any time in Quito, we recommend that you arrive a few days early for a chance to explore its quaint Old Town, churches, brightly painted colonial buildings and fascinating museums. This is one of South America's most attractive cities and well worth getting to know.
ACCOM: Jungle Lodge - 1

Days 2-4 Amazon Jungle

Travel deep into the dense Amazon jungle for an unforgettable stay at an eco-lodge in the upper Amazon Basin. Rich in tropical, humid forests but close to the Andes, it's one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world.
ACCOM: Jungle Lodge - 3

Day 5 Amazon Jungle/Quito Airport

On day five it's time to head back to Quito, where this jungle adventure draws to an end.