Day 1 Quito

Arrive in Quito, Ecuador’s delightful capital.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 2 Isla Santa Cruz

Fly to the islands and clamber aboard the Nemo I. Hop into a zodiac and zip out to Punta Carrion in search of frigatebirds and great blue herons.

Day 3 Isla Isabela

Take in the vast volcanic landscape of the Galapagos’ largest island.

Day 4 Isla Floreana

Watch pink flamingos wade in the lagoon of Punta Cormorant.

Day 5 Isla Espanola

Look out for the elaborate rituals performed by courting albatrosses.

Day 6 Isla Santa Cruz

Wander among the tortoises of the unique Scalesia cloud forest.

Day 7 Isla San Cristobal

Laze on the white sands of San Cristobal’s north coast.

Day 8 Isla Santa Fe

Swim among inquisitive sea lion pups.

Day 9 Baltra/Quito

Paddle a panga in search of green turtles and eagle rays.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 10 Quito

If you have a little extra time before flying out pick up a few souvenirs in Plaza San Francisco, go mountain biking around the surrounding volcanoes and lakes or stroll up Calle La Ronda, the most lively street in the city.