Day 1 Quito

Experience the old-world Ecuadorian charm of Quito, the world’s highest capital city. Perhaps settle in at a plaza-side cafe to people-watch or wander the winding, cobbled streets of the Old Town.
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Day 2 Baltra/Isla North Seymour

Fly to Baltra, where a quick transfer to the sailing vessel will see the Complete Galapagos adventure off to an exciting start. The nesting ground for the magnificent frigatebird, North Seymour is one of the Galapagos’ most visited islands and is enjoyed for its wildlife and coastal views.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 3 Isla San Cristobal

Cruise past Leon Dormido, a 150 metre-tall rock that sits in the middle of the ocean and resembles a giant sleeping lion. Get physical at Cerro Brujo, with hiking, swimming, and snorkeling all on the menu.
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Day 4 Isla Espanola

Home to almost the world’s entire population of waved albatrosses, the southernmost island of Espanola is the perfect place to get up close and personal with some creatures of the Galapagos. Snorkelling in Gardner Bay is a tropical fish-lover’s dream, with surgeon, parrot and angelfish a regular sight.
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Day 5 Isla Floreana

One of the earliest islands to be inhabited, Floreana is rich in both human and natural history. Swim with turtles in Post Office Bay before an afternoon of hiking reveals the true beauty of this Galapagos wonder.
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Day 6 Isla Santa Cruz

The second largest island in the Galapagos, Santa Cruz is home to Puerto Ayora’s economic hub and the Charles Darwin Research Station. There are plenty of opportunities for close encounters with the friendly giant tortoises courtesy of the island’s breeding program.
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Day 7 Isla Plaza Sur/Isla Santa Fe

Get the opportunity to get up close to the Galapagos’ largest land iguana population at Plaza Sur. In the afternoon, wildlife-rich Santa Fe is the perfect place for snorkelling in the jade-green waters and meeting the water-based locals.
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Day 8 Isla Bartolome

Follow the summit trail of the lava-scarred Bartolome, where after passing large colonies of marine iguanas and lava lizards, an iconic view of the Galapagos looking out towards Pinnacle Rock awaits.
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Day 9 Isla Mosquera/Baltra/Quito

Set sail for the sandy, wildlife-rich shores of Mosquera. Warm tide pools offer the perfect setting for sun-drenched swimming and snorkelling. Soak up the last of the Galapagos before beginning the journey back to Ecuador’s mainland.
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Day 10 Quito

One last breakfast in Quito offers the final chance to take in some Ecuadorian culture.