Day 1 Quito

Learn the history of this mystical capital city at the Museo de la Ciudad before settling in with an Andean-inspired soup from a streetside eatery.
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Day 2 Baltra/Santa Cruz Highlands

Catch a plane to the Galapagos Islands in the morning and begin exploring this bewildering archipelago before lunch. Start off in the highlands to meet some of the world’s oldest turtles, then partake in a little bird watching and explore the dense, green surroundings on foot.

Day 3 Isla Bartolome/Sombrero Chino

Prepare to be amazed after a hike to Bartolome Island’s highest point and prime scenic lookout. Hike to the top of a volcano, hang out with some penguins and snorkel alongside reef sharks and rays. Later, sail to Sombrero Chino, an island shaped like a miniature volcano, and explore the land on foot. Along the way, see a colony of marine iguanas and learn how these cold-blooded reptilies turned from land critters to deep-sea divers.

Day 4 Espumilla Beach and Buccaneer’s Cove/Isla Santiago

Discover the wonders of Puerto Egas, a black-sand beach dotted with bizarre volcanic formations. Meet the pelicans, sea lions and mockingbirds that call this corner of the island home before heading off for a little more snorkelling. Later, journey to Espumilla Beach for a relaxing swim and to explore intriguing lava formations.

Day 5 Isla Daphne/Punta Carrion/Isla Santa Cruz

Visit Daphne Island, one of the archipelagos’ best places to do some serious bird watching. Pull up a one-million-year-old monolithic chair (or the closest rock) and be sure to have your camera handy. Stretch your sea legs in the afternoon with a snorkel around Punta Carrion’s coral reef and meet some new aquatic friends.

Day 6 Isla Isabela

Formed by five giant volcanoes, all of which are still considered active, a trip to the largest of the archipelago is full of adventure. Spend some time watching marine iguanas bob in and out of the water, blue-footed boobies awkwardly show off their feet during a mating dance and playful sea lion pups cruise through the surf.

Day 7 Isla Floreana

Now that you’ve relaxed on white- and red-sand beaches, it’s time to head to Punta Cormorant where the sand is olive-green in colour. The sand is made up of fine olive crystals, a glassy volcanic mineral, which is where the beach gets its colour from. Relax beside one of the island’s lagoons and watch a pink flurry of flamingos flaunt around the algae-waters, then spend some time snorkelling alongside rays, sharks and turtles just offshore at Devil’s Crown.

Day 8 Isla Espanola

Cruise to the remote Isla Espanola, home to a large population of endemic fauna. Aside from the usual residents, this is also a breeding spot for nearly all of the world’s waved albatross species. If lucky, you might even see the bird’s beak-clacking flirtation, which looks a little more like a sword fight than a mating ritual.

Day 9 Charles Darwin Research Centre/Isla Santa Cruz/Baltra

Discover the history behind the scientist that put the Galapagos on the map with a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora. Encounter the incredible giant turtle, one of the islands most sought after species before getting the group together for one final meal under the stars.
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Day 10 Quito

Fly back to Quito to discover a few more hidden secrets around the city.