Classic Galapagos - Central Southern Islands (Queen Beatriz) Standard Twin Itinerary

Sail the aquamarine waters of the Galapagos’ central southern islands taking in Mosquera, Cerro Dragon, Isla Rabida, Isabela and Isla Santa Cruz.

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      USD $220 Galapagos National Park Fee (Paid locally)
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There is a later version of this trip also available for travel from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015. View later Classic Galapagos - Central Southern Islands (Queen Beatriz) Standard Twin.

Queen Beatriz

Comforts onboard

Onboard comforts

Blue footed booby

Day 1 Quito

Perhaps get to know this delightful city with a stroll around the Old Town. Meet your fellow shipmates this evening at the welcome meeting.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 2 Baltra/Santa Cruz Highlands

Take a plane to Baltra, the gateway to the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy lunch on the boat before sailing to Santa Cruz to explore the island’s fascinating highlands.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 3 North Seymour/Mosquera

Meet animals a plenty while walking on North Seymour: blue-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, frigatebirds, sea lions and land and marine iguanas to name a few. Cool off while snorkelling and share the water with colourful fish and quite possibly white-tipped reef sharks, rays and sea lions. Then make tracks to Isla Mosquera, which is rich with wildlife and beautiful seascapes.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 4 Tortuga Nergra/Cerro Dragon

Ride pangas (small boats) through the red mangroves of Caleta Tortuga Negra, which is a breeding ground for green turtles and is bountiful in bird and marine life. Then later in the day, sail for Cerro Dragon and follow trails that lead past lagoons filled with birds, spectacular views of the bay and nesting sites for land iguanas.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 5 Sombrero Chino/Rabida

This mini-volcano shaped like a hat is home to sea lions, brightly coloured Sally Lightfoot crabs and crazy lava tubes. Wander around Sombrero Chino, seeing a multitude of marine iguanas and passing through a sea lion colony. It’s a beautiful spot to go snorkelling also. Then head for the red sands of Rabida Island, which is home to pink flamingos, pelicans and many iguanas and species of birds.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 6 Isla Santa Cruz

Spend time on the white sands of Las Bachas, keeping an eye out for green turtles and marine iguanas. Swim, snorkel or laze on the beach, then head to a nearby lagoon where flamingo, blue heron and whimbrel make their home.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 7 Isla Isabela

Sail to Las Tintoreras, where the water is warm and the wildlife plentiful. There are also intriguing lava flows to wander among and white-tipped reef sharks hanging out swimming and sleeping. A visit to the Arnoldo Tupiza tortoise breeding centre introduces you to five sub-species of tortoises.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 8 Isla Floreana

Visit Post Office Bay and learn about its unusual history. Then head to the green sands of Punta Cormorant and hang out with playful sea lions. Then take a walk to a turtle nesting site to hopefully see these delightful creatures before snorkelling at Devil’s Crown, one of the best snorkelling spots in the Galapagos.
ACCOM: Motorised yacht - 1

Day 9 Isla Santa Cruz /Charles Darwin Research Station/Quito

See the theory of evolution in action at the Charles Darwin Research Station and get up close to giant tortoises. Hang out in the small (and only) town of Puerto Ayora and see how local life is lived here. Then take a plane back to Quito for a final night of Ecuadorian hospitality.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 10 Quito

This classic adventure through the Galapagos ends today after breakfast.