1 years | Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, Europe

Tell us about you

A passion for travel has led me to travel extensively and eventually to become a leader for Intrepid in South East Asia and then China and Tibet. I now enjoy being able to assist others in planning their own adventures.

Favourite travel destination and why

There are so many however China is a place that I believe everyone should visit. It is a country that has absolutely everything and is changing fast. Once you travel outside the main centres you will experience a very different China.

How many countries have you visited

49 and counting!

Most recent adventure

Travelling in Southern India, which is very different to the north. It has great beaches and is very laid back.

Best travel memory

There have been so many - each day brings a new memory which is one of the joys of travelling. Even when things do not go to plan there is the potential for some fantastic stories and memories. 

Best travel tip

Remember to pack your sense of humour and a bucket load of patience.

Favorite Food Experience

Sitting in a Tibetan tent nomads drinking Yak butter tea made with milk straight from the yak. An acquired taste however it is the experience that makes it.

Any advise for people considering embarking on a trip of a lifetime

To come and talk to me and use my vast experience to ensure that they do have their trip of a lifetime

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

The urge to return to Africa and in particular Southern Africa. Once you have visited there is always the yearning to return.