2 years | Global

Favourite travel destination and why

Argentina has everything except a really rockin’ coast line. Fortunately you have Brazil and Uruguay near by. Patagonia more than makes up for it with glaciers and mountain ranges for skiing, hiking, climbing, cycling and kayaking. That’s my kind of paradise. Throw in beautiful locals, pumping cities, great food and wine and you’ve got my number!

Most recent adventure

Israel and Istanbul. Great weather, even better food, the right mix of old and new. If you haven't spent a day ambling through the streets of Yaffo, just south of Tel Aviv, or been to a 500-year-old Turkish hamam, then you really should put them on the list.

Best travel memory

My day’s spent reading books, making friends and playing soccer on the beach in southern India, then kayaking with dolphins at sunset for enough evenings for it to feel routine.

Favourite food experience

El Salvador is an unlikely favourite of mine for street food. I still salivate thinking of tortas: long, crunchy baguettes, smeared with a thick layer of creamy avocado and loaded up with beef or chicken, and the mild mannered vendors, grinning because you pay a dollar and let them keep the change.

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Bhutan. I miss the uncomplicated life of mountain villages and places different enough to make me feel alien.