Dance it.

The secret to dancing (apart from it being all in the hips) is to do it like no-one is watching, or at the very least like you don’t care that lots of people are watching. If you’ve always wanted to learn a few basic moves, or perhaps perfect that tricky ‘triple-twist and dip’ manoeuvre, we know a few nimble-footed folk you should probably meet. Try some professional tango classes in the backstreet clubs of Buenos Aires, samba-ing the night away at Rio Carnival, watching the Russian Ballet perform a classic in St Petersburg or Chinese acrobats defy physics in Shanghai. It’s easy to start: just let the rhythm take you, pick a trip you like, and let it all go.


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Visit South America and travel to Peru. Visit Lima, Cuzco and Lake Titicaca, tour the Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo...
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Enjoy a music tour of Cuba, hitting the dance floor for salsa classes and getting to know the traditional music of Cuba.
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Carnival, the famous festival of Rio de Janeiro, is the greatest party on earth! Join the fun with Intrepid and visit...