Xi'an to Ulaanbaatar Itinerary

Travel from Xi'an to Mongolia, through bustling Beijing city, past The Great Wall of China and into the Gobi Desert in Mongolia before travelling to Ulaanbaatar.

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      USD $3,385
      CAD $3,605
      AUD $3,745
      EUR €2,605
      GBP £2,240
      NZD $4,435
      ZAR R34,070
      CHF FR3,210
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      USD $1,390
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      USD $4,775*
      CAD $5,084*
      AUD $5,281*
      EUR €3,674*
      GBP £3,160*
      NZD $6,256*
      ZAR R48,056*
      CHF FR4,527*
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china great wall empty path climb trek

china xiahe monks gathering red robes

mongolia farmer horse camel carriage trailer cart

mongolia ger camp sitting outside tourist village

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