Xi'an to Kashgar Itinerary

Travel from Xi’an to Kashgar. Visit sacred Mount Kongtong, see ancient sculptures at the Binglingsi Caves and stare out in awe over Heavenly Lake.

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Days 1-2 Xi'an

Begin this incredible journey in the ancient town of Xi’an. Learn about the Terracotta Warriors and visit the site of this phenomenal discovery. Marvel at the extraordinary terracotta sculptures that date back to 200 BC.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 3 Pingliang

Head out to Pingliang to visit the impressive Mount Kongtong, one of the sacred mountains of Taoism. Be mesmerised by the scenic surrounds as you explore the mountain.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 4 Lanzhou

Drive west to the capital of the Ganzu Providence. Once known as ‘The Golden City’, historic Lanzhou is home to several Buddhist temples. Soak up the atmosphere as you stroll the city streets.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 5-6 Xiahe

Reach Xiahe in time to watch the sun set over this enchanting Tibetan town. Take a guided tour of Labrang Monastery where you can see Tibetan monks performing their daily rituals and chants, or go horse riding in the nearby grasslands. This is also the place to try some delicious (really!) yak butter tea.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 2

Day 7 Liujiaxia

Visit the Binglingsi Caves en route to Liujiaxia. Also known as the Bingling Temple, this series of Buddhist caves are filled with stunning sculptures. Feel the presence of departed souls as you follow winding walkways and narrow stairs around this ancient site.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 8 Zhangye Bush Camp

Journey towards Jiayuguan in Ganzu’s northwest. Experience true wilderness en route, pitching tent at a bush camp.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Day 9 Jiayuguan Great Wall

Nestled on the western edge of the Gobi desert, the Great Wall’s western-most pass (or fort) is most commonly referred to as Jiayu Pass. Standing eleven metres high, the pass and surrounding wall protected Ming Dynasty China from the ‘barbarians’ of the north.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Days 10-11 Dunhuang

Begin the day with a visit to the magnificent Mogao Caves. Not far from the oasis town of Dunhuang, these caves exhibit 1000 years of Buddhist art. In the afternoon, explore Dunhuang or venture out on a camel ride through picturesque sand dunes.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 12 Hami Bush Camp

Wake with the sun and travel west out towards the ancient town of Turpan. Sleep under desert stars tonight.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Days 13-14 Turpan

Explore Turpan and the surrounding area. Don’t miss the famous Jiaohe ruins in the nearby Yarnaz Valley.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 15-16 Heavenly Lake

Located on the border between China and North Korea, Heavenly Lake is situated atop Baekdu Mountain. According to local legend, it is also home to the Lake Tianchi Monster. Keep your eyes peeled as you relax by the lake and take in the magnificent surrounds.
ACCOM: Yurt - 2

Days 17-18 Bayanbulak & Aksu Bush Camps

Skirt the edge of the Taklamakan Desert on the overland journey from Heavenly Lake out towards historic Kashgar. Camp in the desert en route.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 2

Days 19-22 Kashgar

The western-most city in China, Kashgar sits just north of the Kirzlesu River. Perhaps wander round the famous Sunday market or meander through the Old City – it’s considered one of the best-preserved Islamic cities in Central Asia – before this grand China tour comes to an end.
ACCOM: Hotel - 3