Days 1-2 Beijing

Beijing has a long and colourful history and this rapidly modernising city is an amazing whirl of ancient sites and contemporary buildings. Visit the Summer Palace, feast on Peking duck or get shopping at the Silk, Pearl and Panjiayuan markets.
ACCOM: Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 3-4 Xi'an

Located at the traditional beginning of the Silk Road, be wowed by the Terracotta Warriors or get a better view of the city from the Drum Tower. Xi’an has been an imperial centre for over 2,000 years and has a fascinating history and many rich cultural sites to discover.
ACCOM: Overnight sleeper train - 1

Day 5 Silk Road Railway

Connecting eastern, southern and western Asia with Europe and parts of Africa since around 200 BC, the Silk Road trade routes literally transformed the world. Watch the landscape change while travelling along this ancient path once wandered by Silk Road caravans.
ACCOM: Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 6-7 Turpan

Famous for its vineyards, stone fruits, melons and the nearby Flaming Mountains, Turpan is filled with things to see. Once an important staging post on the Silk Road, this attractive town is best explored on a walking tour. Then venture to Tuyoq Village for a family-style lunch.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 8-9 Kashgar

Delve into Kashgar’s Sunday Bazaar. Enter with pockets filled with yuan, leave with armfuls of carpets, pottery, clothing and jewellery. Rumoured to be the best Sunday market in the world (even though traders are here every day), the bazaar is a whirlwind adventure for food lovers, shopaholics and culture buffs alike. Traditionally an important trading city along the Silk Road, Kashgar is still a thriving hub due to its location in the heart of Central Asia.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 10 Tash Rabat

Watch the landscape change between China and Kyrgyzstan before exploring the impressive ruins of 15th century Tash Rabat - once an important stop off, or caravanserai (roadside inn), for Silk Road traders. Sleep overnight in a yurt camp to gain insight into local life.
ACCOM: Yurt - 1

Day 11 Kochkor/Chong Kemin

Drive across the glorious plains of Kyrgyzstan to picturesque Song-Kol Lake, which is surrounded by lush pastures favoured by sheep, goats and horses. Stay in a traditional Kyrgyz yurt and enjoy dinner with a nomadic herdsman and his family.

Days 12-13 Bishkek

Visit this spectacular valley, which is famed for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife and rich, varied flora. After a decent hike around the incredible surroundings, settle in at a local homestay for a home-cooked feast.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 14 Suusamyr Valley/Chychkan Gorge

Day 15 Sary Chelek National Park - Arkyt Village

Soak up the ambience of Lake Issyk-Kul, meaning ‘warm lake’. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Lake Issyk-Kul's combination of thermal activity and salinity ensures it never freezes over. So kick back in the relaxing thermal springs or see some excellent rock inscriptions dating back to 500 BC.

Day 16 Osh

Stop for lunch in the village of Bokonbayevo before venturing to the ‘Valley of Fairytales’, a scenic delight of red-sandstone cliffs.

Days 17-18 Tashkent

After a short flight, explore the fascinating mix of Russian and Uzbek culture in Tashkent. View extravagant mosques sitting alongside modern highways and Soviet monuments, and enjoy the unique cuisine and vibrant centre of this fascinating city.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 19-20 Samarkand

Samarkand is one of Central Asia's oldest and most attractive cities - get to know the ins and out of it on a guided tour.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 21 Shakhrisabz

Feast on Uzbek cuisine at a homestay in leafy Shakhrisabz.
ACCOM: Homestay - 1

Days 22-24 Bukhara

Discover the beauty and intrigue of Bukhara. Wander the Old Town, fill up on the delicious local cuisine, admire the artisan shops and perhpas wash off the first part of the journey in a traditional hamam.
ACCOM: Hotel - 3, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 25-26 Aksu-Zhabagly National Park

Travel into Kazakhstan and to Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve, the oldest national park in central Asia and a beautiful place filled with rivers, lakes and untouched wilderness. Choose to go trekking, attend a traditional music concert or simply soak up the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere. Stay with a local family and get a true taste of life in this remote part of the world.
ACCOM: Homestay - 2

Day 27 Turkistan

Make tracks for Turkistan. Discover a rich historical past and spend time admiring this city's revered sites – most notably the Kozha Akhmed Yasaui Mausoleum.
ACCOM: Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 28-29 Aralsk

Travel to Kazakhstan and journey across the former bed of the Aral Sea, once one of the largest lakes in the world. On a 4x4 tour, find out how human folly caused this body of water to shrink to one-tenth of its original size. Visit Aralsk and Tastubek – booming fishing villages in the 80s that are now mostly deserted – and a ship cemetery before boarding an evening train to Russia.
ACCOM: Homestay - 1, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 30-32 Samara

Descend beneath the buildings of Samara to enter Stalin’s unused bunker and learn why the city was chosen as Russia’s ‘reserve’ capital. Spend an afternoon cruising down the picturesque Volga River. During free time, relax by the waterfront, sample the local beer at the Zhigulevsky Brewery or catch a performance at the Samara Drama Theatre.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 33-35 Moscow

Pull into Moscow, Russia’s intriguing capital. Get an up-close perspective on the city’s famous historical sites, including Red Square, the Kremlin, the Armoury and Lenin’s Mausoleum on a fascinating tour. Perhaps check out a cutting-edge art gallery, an upmarket wine bar or a bohemian art-cafe before this Silk Road adventure comes to an end.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2