Hong Kong to Hanoi Itinerary

Experience a taste of China and Vietnam. From modern cities and ancient towns to mountain treks, this tour of Asia will capture your imagination.

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Set in the heart of Yunnan Province, Kunming is a modern city with some excellent markets tucked away in its quaint backstreets. The Tang dynasty pagodas are worth visiting and there's a quiet spot tucked away in the gardens near the West Pagoda where people can meet to socialise. Perhaps try to beat the locals at a game of mahjong.
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Join locals and ride a public bus to Jianshui. Stroll through the ancient streets and see evidence of a rich history at every turn. Enjoy free time to explore the mansions, ornate temples and charming villages in the surrounding areas.
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Cross the border into Vietnam and discover the strikingly different countryside. Set off on a Sapa trekking adventure through the extraordinary rural mountainscapes that are home to the friendly H'mong, Tay and Dzao people. Stay as guests of local families in simple village huts and soak up their friendly hospitality and traditional cuisine. Upon returning to mist-shrouded Sapa, why not enjoy a revitalising massage.
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Get back to the fast pace of city life on an overnight train to Hanoi. Use free time to wander the tree-lined boulevards of Vietnam's capital, shop for mementos in the Old Quarter or view Hanoi's famous water puppet show.
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