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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Uncover the cities, history and landscapes of China on this exciting adventure.

Encounter ancient wisdom, great emperors, political controversy, ultra-modern development and fascinating characters on this Discover China adventure. Embrace the buzzing modernity of metropolises such as Hong Kong and Shanghai, travel through the verdant rural landscapes of Yangshuo, meet giant pandas in Chengdu and visit the Yangzi’s Three Gorges region. Witness sublime beauty, traditional ways of life and rapid commercialisation. Peer behind the rapidly evolving facade of China, and be enriched by its enduring culture on this captivating tour.

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Days 1-2 Hong Kong

A British colony until 1997, Hong Kong's cityscape is spectacular and its modern fast-paced life is only minutes from picturesque islands and beaches.

Days 3-4 Yangshuo

With karst peaks looming and the Li River gently running alongside, Yangshuo's scenery is glorious and its town is a great place to relax and explore China's countryside.

Days 5-6 Chengdu

Chengdu has plenty of traditional flavour with its famous tea houses, numerous markets and as the home of Sichuan cuisine, known the world over for its spiciness.

Days 7-9 Yangzi River

Named after the site of an ancient ferry crossing, the Yangzi River flows for 6,418 km and winds through a diverse range of China's landscapes. Located on the Yangzi River, Yichang is an important trading town and has been the site of many historic battles due to its strategic location.

Days 10-12 Shanghai

Blending 21st-century architecture with old-world character, Shanghai is the vibrant pulse of new China.