China Family - Land of the Dragon Itinerary

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Families on the Great Wall

Red Panda

Ribbon dancer, Beijing

Terracotta Warriors, Xian

Great Wall of China

Days 1-2 Beijing

Plunge head first into Chinese culture with a crash course in its ancient history. Head out on a walking tour around the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven Park. Later, chow down on Peking duck, stinky tofu or a spicy hotpot before heading to an acrobat performance.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 3 Great Wall

Pull on some comfy shoes and make tracks for the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China. As historically significant as it is visually striking, this experience is often said to be one of the most memorable of the trip. After an exhausting day hiking along the longest of the world’s wonders, jump on a sleeper train bound for Xi’an.

Days 4-5 Xi'an

Explore the historical splendour of this ancient city on a walking tour. Dating back 6,000 years and once known as the main eastern terminus of the ancient Silk Road, Xi’an served as the imperial capital of 11 dynasties, holding a wealth of history within its cobbled pavements. Then head to the incredible sight of the Terracotta Warriors – an army of 8,000 clay soldiers buried some 22 centuries ago in front of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 6-7 Chengdu & Leshan

Spend the day exploring the Old Town and Tibetan quarters of this quaint provincial area. Be sure to catch up on gossip in a traditional teahouse and sample dishes from the spicy Sichuan cuisine, famed for burning tongues! Visit Chengdu to spot giant pandas in a rescue centre. Then see the largest Buddha in the world. Carved into the side of a rocky cliff face, the Leshan Giant Buddha was constructed in AD 713 and stands 71-metres tall.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 8 Chengdu

Visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu to learn more about this endangered national emblem. Spot pandas munching on bamboo and watch them slowly clomp around the grounds.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 9-11 Yangshuo

Take a respite from the hustle and bustle of busy China in Yangshuo, where you can stop and slow down – but not completely. Start the more chilled portion of the trip exploring the countryside by bike and meandering through paddy fields backed by exquisite limestone karst scenery. Sample local farmers’ cooking before cycling back to Yangshuo. Then learn the skills and techniques of Chinese cuisine in a cooking class, embark on a boat trip down the river, take a calligraphy class or learn some kung fu.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 12-13 Hong Kong

A fascinating exercise in East meets West, Hong Kong is a city full of surprises just waiting to be uncovered. Make your way to the top of Victoria Peak for incredible views of the Hong Kong skyline, catch a ferry out to the city's secluded islands and beaches or hit the mega shopping malls to snaffle up some bargains. Then spend the final few hours of this family holiday wandering among the other impressive sights around town or searching out the best yum cha for a final night of sumptuous dining.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1