China Family - Land of the Dragon

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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Travel to China on a family trip from Beijing to Hong Kong

Embark on a relaxed journey that takes in the highlights of vast, beautiful China. From the Great Wall and Shaolin's Kung Fu Masters to the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an and the electric vibe of Hong Kong. Experience imperial relics, vibrant markets, a unique culture, a panda reserve and simply stunning natural playgrounds in this rapidly developing country. Incorporating great activities for adults and children alike, this trip makes for a fantastic family adventure to remember.

  • Travel to China and walk through Beijing's ancient hutongs
  • Be amazed by a death-defying acrobatic performance
  • Wander along the Great Wall of China
  • Practise Kung Fu with masters in Shaolin
  • Come face to face with China's Terracotta Warriors
  • Whip up Chinese cuisine in Yangshuo
  • Go to a Panda research centre

China Family - Land of the Dragon Summary

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Days 1-2 Beijing

Beijing has a long and colourful history and this rapidly modernising city is an amazing whirl of ancient sites, modern buildings, bicycles, people, shops and eateries.

Day 4 Shaolin Temple

Luoyang was one of the four great ancient capitals of China and is famed for being the gateway to the Longmen Grottoes.

Days 5-6 Xian

As the start of the ancient trading route the Silk Road and an imperial centre for 2,000 years, Xi'an has a fascinating history and rich cultural sites to discover.

Day 7 Terracotta Warriors

Xian is famous for the Terracotta Warriors - thousands of stone soldiers standing in battle formation, still guarding their emperor's tomb more than 2000 years after they were buried.

Day 8 Pandas

The world-renowned panda research centre in Chengdu is home to both giant and red pandas - learn about the conservation efforts being made to save these increasingly threatened creatures.

Days 9-11 Yangshuo

With karst peaks looming and the Li River gently running alongside, Yangshuo's scenery is glorious and its town is a great place to relax and explore China's countryside.

Days 12-14 Hong Kong

A British colony until 1997, Hong Kong's cityscape is spectacular and its modern fast-paced life is only minutes from picturesque islands and beaches.