Best Of China Itinerary

Travel to China and discover ancient and modern wonders. Visit Hong Kong, Yangshuo, the Yangzi River, Shanghai and Xi’an, and experience the best of the old and the new in Beijing.

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Detail of the Forbidden Temple, Beijing

Great Wall of China

Hong Kong at night

Terracotta Warriors, Xian

Yangshuo cooking school

Rice paddy worker, Yangshuo

Days 1-2 Hong Kong

Dive head first into the wave of activity that is Hong Kong. Join the throngs of people on the streets, gobble a delicious dim sum breakfast and pick up some tips during an informal language class.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 3-4 Yangshuo

Travel to Yangshuo, which is surrounded by picturesque countryside. Visit a local market and learn how to master Chinese dishes at a cooking school. At night, take advantage of the town’s buzzing cafe and restaurant culture.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 5-6 Chengdu

Clear the sinuses with a hit of authentic Chinese Sichuan cuisine in Chengdu. Explore the city’s famous teahouses and markets before visiting a giant panda breeding centre to learn about the fight to save these endangered creatures.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Days 7-9 Yangzi River

Cruise along the longest river in Asia, the Yangzi, for three days and witness one of China’s most rapidly changing areas. Take the ‘purity’ challenge at the entrance to the 600-year-old Fengdu Temple, where colourful gazebos and menacing statues depict hellish scenes. Back on board, glide along the river, flanked by incredible limestone cliffs, and appreciate the majestic beauty of the Little Three Gorges - Qutang, Wu and Xiling.
ACCOM: Overnight boat - 3

Days 10-13 Shanghai

Check out the largest hydroelectric power station in the world, the controversial Three Gorges Dam. Then, make tracks to pulsating Shanghai, a collision of futuristic skyscrapers and old-world charm. Explore the historical Bund district, full of stunning Art Deco architecture, on a walking tour. Be left breathless during a performance by the Shanghai Acrobats, and seek solitude in the peaceful surrounds of the Yuyuan Gardens.
ACCOM: Hotel - 4

Day 14 Water Town

Travel to a water town to glimpse the China of a bygone era. Glide along canals admiring ornate ancient buildings and bridges, preserved just as they were centuries ago.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1

Days 15-17 Xi'an

Get acquainted with the walled city of Xi’an, once the imperial capital of China and now a vibrant megacity, on a walking tour. Enjoy a memorable singing-and-dancing extravaganza by the students at Huiling, an Intrepid Foundation-supported project for young people with disabilities. Visit undoubtedly Xian’s most famous drawcard, the Terracotta Warriors, and be amazed by the uniformity, detail and precision with which these archaeological superstars were crafted.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 18-21 Beijing

Peer into China’s heaving heart on a tour of Beijing. Visit Tiananmen Square and explore the impressive palaces and courtyards of the Forbidden City. Take a day trip to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall and step out along this engineering wonder, taking in the incredible views of tree-covered mountains. Finally, celebrate the end of this Best of China adventure with a delicious Peking duck dinner.
ACCOM: Hotel - 3