Day 1 Santiago

Visit Chile and discover the cosmopolitan streets of Santiago.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2

Day 2 Salto del Laja

Camp amid spectacular scenery and perhaps visit the Mamalluca Observatory - the view of the night sky is extraordinary.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 3-5 Pucon

Journey to the small town of Pucon and make the most of the beautiful landscapes that this part of the world is famous for. Try hiking, horse riding or rafting during the day, and then relax back at camp by night.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Days 6-8 Barlioche

Cross the border into Argentina and kick back in the resort town of Bariloche. For a dose of adventure try mountain biking or horse riding. Feeling a little indulgent? Then why not relax in a cafe and sample the decadent chocolate delicacies this town is known for.
ACCOM: Hostel - 3

Day 9 Esquel

Relax in easy-going Esquel, the traditional southern terminal of La Trochita. In this chilled out basecamp, admire the epic scenery at the foothills of the surrounding mountains.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 10-11 Rio Pinturas/Cueva de las Manos

Travel to Rio Pinturas for a night of camping and then discover the wild beauty of Monte Leon National Park. Spend time exploring the diverse landscapes of this area and have fun spotting the native inhabitants - pumas, wolves, penguins and guanacos can all be found here, as well as many species of birds.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1, Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 12-13 Magellan Straits

Sail through the treacherous Magellan straits and experience the inhospitable winds and currents that the frontier explorers braved to pass between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 2

Days 14-15 Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia

Travel to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, then venture into windswept Tierra del Fuego to see a diverse array of wildlife, from colonies of seals to majestic condors.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 16 Magellan Straits

Traverse the Magellan straits and head back to Chile to arrive in the remote Punta Delgada. Spend the night in a bush camp under the South American stars.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Day 17 Puerto Natales

Watch the breathtaking Patagonian landscape roll by on the drive to Puerto Natales. Spend the night at an idyllic lakeside camp.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 18-21 Torres del Paine National Park

Trek through pristine wilderness and marvel at the park's granite cliffs, barren plains, clear lakes and dramatic waterfalls.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 4

Days 22-23 Perito Moreno Glacier/El Calafate

Be amazed by the blue beauty of the breathtaking Perito Moreno Glacier. Watch as chunks of ice break off and fall into the lake below.
ACCOM: Hostel - 2

Days 24-26 Los Glaciares National Park/El Chalten

Enter a world of incredible natural beauty. Hike past crystal lakes and soak up stunning glacial scenery.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Days 27-28 Bush Camp/Camarones

Travel through remote parts of Argentina and enjoy camping in the bush at night.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1, Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 29-30 Puerto Madryn/Valdez Peninsula

Keep watch for a wide range of aquatic creatures while exploring the Valdes Peninsula with a local guide. Whales, penguins and sea lions all call this area home as do a host of land animals and birds.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Day 31 Bush Camp

Camp under the stars near Monte Hermoso on the way to the Argentinean capital.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Days 32-35 Buenos Aires

Delight in the rich culture of Buenos Aires. Wander grand boulevards, admire the city's splendid buildings or enjoy its famed nightlife.
ACCOM: Hotel - 4

Day 36 Concordia

ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Day 37 San Ignacio Mini

The intricately carved ruins of San Ignacio Mini are an impressive sight.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 38-40 Iguazu Falls

The mighty falls of Iguazu are a breathtaking spectacle not to be missed. Explore the Iguazu Falls from both the Argentinean and Brazilian banks and marvel at the magical, misty rainbows that surround the splendour.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Days 41-43 Bonito

The ecotourism capital of Brazil awaits at Bonito, where the list of optional activities include hiking scenic forest trails and snorkelling among colourful river fish. For even more exhilarating adventures, why not try caving, horseriding, abseiling or whitewater rafting.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Days 44-46 Pantanal

The Panatanal wetlands are the largest in the world and one of the most incredible places to visit in Brazil. Truly exotic wildlife inhabits these haunts so keep eyes peeled!
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1, Hacienda - 2

Days 47-48 Brotas

The tiny town of Brotas is Brazil's very own adventure sports hub. Dabble in a touch of canyoning or prepare to get splashed with some whitewater rafting.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 49-51 Paraty

While away the hours with a walk along Brazil's beautiful secluded beaches at Paraty. Island hop on a local boat ride or explore the depths of the crystal clear waters on a scuba diving excursion.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Day 52 Rio de Janeiro

Get ready for the ride that is Rio de Janeiro! Brazil's former capital is a breathtaking city and the thumping heart of this pulsating country. Get moving to the rhythm of the samba and say hello to the small hours in this city that never sleeps.