2 years | Europe, Asia

Tell us about you

I did my studies at univeristy in archaeology and history; immedately after graduating I decided to see everything I had studied in my textbooks in real life! My travels have taken me on a 3-month-long medieval pilgrimage, cruising around the globe, hiking mountains in Morocco, scaling the Great Wall, Bollywood dancing in Jaipur, and southbound to Peru!

Favourite travel destination and why

Italy or Morocco: Italy because my family lives there and everytime I visit I'm guaranteed to be treated to homemade pasta and gelato! And Morocco because it was the first country I travelled to that challenged my then euro-centric travels. I loved waking up at dawn and meeting the sweetest and most hospitable people who welcome you with Moroccan mint tea!

How many countries have you visited?

Last count was around thirty-five but I'm determinded to add to that total soon!

Most recent adventure

I just got back from a double-header - a three week trip to China where I tried my hand at Kung Fu in Shaolin, Panda-viewing in Chendu and navigating the Forbidden City in Beijing. I headed back to Canada only to immediately hop on a plane a few days later to Scandinavia to sail the Fjords!

Best travel memory

Walking the Camino de Santiago in France and Spain. It was anywhere between 10 to 40 kilometeres per day and it took me nearly three months to arrive at the final destination in Santiago de Compostella. Walking into the cathedral after 1,400 kms of trails, mountains and memories to last a lifetime was the BEST feeling I've ever had while travelling!

Best travel tips

Instead of packing a tourist map; take a high-res photo of one on your camera or phone. When you navigate to the next photo op there’s no need to fold out giant maps or to advertise yourself as a tourist. Instead, you look like a busy local! That – and never eat sushi in a land-locked country.

Favourite food experience

Making friends on an overnight train in China and trying chicken feet. It was an oddly crunchy experience.

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime?

You can always make more money, but you can't make more time – if you have the opportunity to go somewhere spectacular, sieze it! 

Which country is next on your list to experience and why?

Jordan and Turkey – I studied medieval art history and archaeology in uni and some of the most amazing examples of artwork are all here! Plus – Indiana Jones visited too!