1. Solo travel is on the rise

Making new friends from around the world is one of the best parts about travel. And on a small group adventure tour, it's almost guaranteed since you explore with a group of like-minded people throughout the trip. That could be why over 60% of our travellers decided to travel solo on their 2016 adventures with us.

The perks of solo travel on a group tour

2. Islands are hot this year

This year, our travelers gave the islands of Earth a lot of love – from islands oozing with laid-back beach vibes coast to coast, to islands rich in ancient tradition and some home to the busiest cities in the world. Cuba, Japan, Iceland and Sri Lanka were all wildly popular in 2016 – and for good reason. 

3. Families are craving adventure

Our family product is designed with avid travelers in mind – who also happen to have kids in the equation too. So all of those important details that make a huge difference for children have been thought about and carefully planned into every single one of our family trips. You'll have shorter travel days, kid-friendly accommodations, and be able to make friends with another family or two on the trip.


4. Australian Outback is on the bucket list

Australia boasts a lot more than just beaches, kangaroos and meatpies. It is home to Ayers Rock, the Great Ocean Road, rich Olkola culture and vibrant cities that more than justify the long haul flight to get there. Camping in the outback is a once in a lifetime experience that is a must-do on any trip down under.



5. Taking the route less traveled: Quarry Trek

For your adventure to Machu Picchu, you have two trekking options. One option is the classic Inca Trail which attracts thousands of travelers each year and requires a permit to trek along. The second option is the Quarry Trek. This is a much less traveled trail and offers you more space and solitude along the way. All trails lead to Machu Picchu, but more people than ever before are choosing the Quarry Trek. 



6. South East Asia is king 

South East Asia is undisputed as our most popular region for adventure travel in 2016. And with each country offering something so uniquely different from the last, it's easy to get why.