African Desert Tours

Given that over a quarter of Africa is technically desert, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one to explore. Most of them are inhospitable, true, but as Bear Grylls has taught us: life finds a way. And just because they’re usually sandy, it doesn’t follow that all deserts are the same. The wind-sculpted waves of the Namib sand are a world away from the golden haze of the Sahara. Just remember to ignore those shimmering ‘FREE ice-cold lemonade’ stands you might see among the dunes (we speak from experience). 


Sahara Desert

With shifting sands, lost cities and nomadic tribes, the Sahara is the big daddy of all deserts. Blanketing northern Africa, the world’s second-largest desert (after Antarctica – good trivia, that) is a formidable natural force, capable of some of the harshest conditions known to humans. Clear skies and no cloud cover also equal some truly world-class stargazing, especially in the rocky valleys of southern Morocco. Water bottle? Check. Telescope? Check. Adventure? Check. 

South Morocco Discovery

10 days from
USD $875
CAD $1,060
AUD $1,120
EUR €730
GBP £575
NZD $1,195
ZAR R12,850

Uncover the secrets of mystical Morocco on this southbound discovery tour. See Ait Benhaddou kasbah, travel into the... View trip

Morocco Uncovered

13 days from
USD $1,465
CAD $1,775
AUD $1,875
EUR €1,220
GBP £960
NZD $2,015
ZAR R21,520
CHF FR1,350

Journey into Morocco’s heart, from Casablanca to Marrakech, taking in the like of Fes, M’goun Valley and Ait... View trip

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

24 days from
USD $3,315
CAD $3,995
AUD $4,245
EUR €2,760
GBP £2,175
NZD $4,565
ZAR R48,710
CHF FR3,050

Visit Spain, Portugal and Morocco on a tour from Madrid to Marrakech. See Lisbon, the Algarve, Fes, Aroumd and camp... View trip


Namib Desert

The Namib is what happens when deserts decide to show off. The famous sand dunes of Sossusvlei are sculpted by the winds into stunning yin-yang waves of light and shade. From the crest of Dune 45 (okay so the names could use some work) you can see 30 million years worth of scorched red sands, a quilt of shadow and heat stretching over the world’s oldest desert. 

Vic Falls to Cape Town

22 days from
USD $2,555
CAD $3,096
AUD $3,272
EUR €2,312
GBP £1,673
NZD $3,519
ZAR R37,557
CHF FR2,349

Travel to Africa and discover the unique, contrasting lands of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Visit... View trip

Kenya to Cape Town

48 days from
USD $6,085
CAD $7,380
AUD $7,795
EUR €5,065
GBP £3,990
NZD $8,380
ZAR R89,450
CHF FR5,595

Explore Africa as you travel from Kenya to Cape Town through Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namabia... View trip

Amazing Southern Africa

22 days from
USD $5,520
CAD $6,695
AUD $7,070
EUR €4,995
GBP £3,620
NZD $7,595
ZAR R81,130
CHF FR5,080

Jump onboard an exhilarating journey from Cape Town to Victoria Falls through the magnificent nations of South Africa... View trip